End Citizens United Endorses New Wave

The current debate surrounding the upcoming elections has brought some new names to the forefront and End Citizens United wants to do everything it can to help those newcomers set up shop. They want to replace the current incumbents with a new wave that will give us an entirely new way of thinking about our politics. We have seen the results of special interests lobbyists and corporations being given free reign over our politics. It has produced anger and led many people to go to the polls for the very first time. With all of the hype PACs are going to play a big role in making sure the 2018 midterms go according to plan.

The most amazing thing about the new wave of politicians is that they are intent on making sure their funding does not come from special interests. Everything is focused on making sure the people they represent are kept happy above all others. That is going to make a huge different in the way people see them, but it’s not going to be easy to keep all of the balls in the air. We’ll need to find a way to keep up the good work once they’re in office. End Citizens United wants to make sure the right people are put into place.

This election is going to be a big one. We’re going to finally see what it looks like when people are fed up with the way things are and decide that they want leaders who will represent their interests. This is going to be a defining moment in grand scheme of things. It will mean that big money won’t have its way with our policy making. The Citizens United case caused lots of damage to our political system, but this may give us the remedy we’re going to need to take things back. It’s certainly worth giving it a shot.

The most amazing thing about this PAC is that it has targeted some of the most vulnerable incumbents and helped create the atmosphere necessary to see them defeated. We are going to see an entirely new way of looking at politics and that will be the result of the hard work of this PAC. They have laid down the foundation and it is now time to see what happens when people decide they want to give it their all and then some.

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