Economic Freedom By Jeff Yastine

Jeff Yastine is an editor. He is an adviser on wise investment decisions. Total Wealth Insider is his official publication platform. Much of his work is available online. Due to his extensive knowledge of financial markets, his position at giving insight into the world of economic development is much enhanced. In the past, being a stock broker has given him experience into the business word.

In the recent past Yastine pointed out that the best strategy to handle computer network based threats. Companies need to invest more in controlling threats than evading them. He explains that hackers use sophisticated methods to gain advantage to an organization’s database. They take time and plan carefully. The planning details spin from days to months and are used to get the right leverage then strike. Online crime is characterized by cunning patience.

Yasmine cites an example of the new type of cybercrime that seem to be taking the world by storm. The most valuable commodity in today’s generation is information, and the more you have of it, the more privileged you are. Storage of this commodity is done in computer databases guarded by physical and software blockades called firewalls.

Advances in technology have led to the development of a digitized form of currency that is readily useable in its current form. The technology behind it is called cryptocurrency. An example is bitcoin. Hackers have managed to steal a substantial amount of bitcoin by hacking into a currency conversion facility. Hackers enter a system and check for more vulnerabilities according to They live in the computer and even create backups to fall back to incase they don’t succeed in their first attempt. Time bombs and virus become important tools in this mission.

According to Yastine, making a solid wall to prevent entry is not sufficient. He argues that the best way would be to let the hacker in, then monitor them and counter their moves. It is possible to spy on a hacker roaming in a system according to Logs are entered and movements from one file to another can be seen and noted.

Using this formulae, a hacker can be traced back to their origin and stopped. This also offers an opportunity to learn what are the vulnerabilities in your existing security measures already put in place. With everything being digitized, there is no stressing enough on the need for combating cyber threats on

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