Drew Madden And Predictions In The World Of Healthcare IT

Technology, throughout the past two-plus decades, has helped shaped the direction of healthcare for the betterment of human society. It’s unarguably increased how many patient’s physicians can see in a day’s time, the accuracy of various diagnoses, and the appropriateness of related treatments.


The world of information technology related to healthcare has helped advanced the field in endless ways. Let’s look at a few of the most general directions of technology in healthcare that’s slated to become more popular in 2018.


Governments Will Ramp Up Guidelines On Information Retention


Cybercrime is one of the world’s most fastest-growing problems. Even though manifestations of such activity aren’t always apparent – how would one know if someone stole their identity, as compared to broke through their window and attempted to steal their belongings? – healthcare is being targeted more frequently than any other industry with hordes of digitally-retained information. Visit This Page for more information.


Governments around the world are slated to roll out loads of legislature related to retaining information of patients and those related to healthcare, helping patients, at large, stay safe.


Actual Outcomes Of Treatment Likely To Improve


Let’s face it – physicians don’t know everything, even though they went to school for so long. The same is true for college professors, chiropractors, and lawyers, the vast majority of which all have doctoral-level degrees.


Predictive analytics, through advanced computer programs and hardware that operates them, is likely to help physicians diagnose conditions more accurately as time progresses.


Drew Madden’s Background And Brief Biography


Drew Madden kicked off his career in healthcare-related information technology at Cerner Corporation, directly after graduating from the University of Iowa’s College of Engineering with a bachelor’s degree in Industrial Engineering, focusing on Medical Systems.


Nordic Consulting Partners soon became his next employer after garnering experience at Cerner Corporation, being hired in 2010, then moving up to the title of President in 2011. Madden remained with Nordic Consulting Partners until 2016, when he moved on to Evergreen Healthcare Partners. He’s all about building trusted client partnerships and teams of top-notch talent in the world of healthcare-related information technology.