Drew Madden And His Vision For The American Health-Care Industry

Americans are an innovative lot, famed for developing innovative solutions to various challenges. Many American solutions to problems in health care, manufacturing, and agriculture among other industries are used not only in America but also across the world.

While Americans remain innovative, churning out solutions to problems in different sectors of their economy, the health-care industry is somewhat neglected. And it is not because innovators cannot come up with solutions to challenges in health care. Innovators do not understand problems in health care, argues Mike Townsend, a health-care entrepreneur, and a regular commentator. They are unaware of problems because most of them for long shied away from the health-care sector, citing unfavorable political interferences and too many regulations to cope with.

Innovators, therefore, lauded Aneesh Chopra—the first CTO of the U.S. government—for his spirited fight to inform innovators of various problem ailing the American health-care industry. Chopra initiated projects such as the “Blue Button” program, Open Data Conference, Argonaut Project, etc. The initiatives went a long way in informing innovators of challenges in health care and even encouraged some to develop solutions to the problems. Aneesh is no longer the CTO of the U.S. government, but he remains vocal in calling for facilitation of innovators.

It is through innovation that the American health-care industry can minimize inefficiencies while developing solutions to new and existing problems. There are certain aspects, however, that fuel innovation, like a competition between health-care firms in the same line of business. Amazon’s announcement that it had acquired licenses to become a wholesaler of health-care-related equipment, for instance, sparked speculations that the e-commerce giant was planning to distribute prescription medications. CVS Health convinced that its retail pharmacy business was in jeopardy, announced it would acquire Aetna for $69 billion. CVS further announcement other measures in favor of its clients. See Related Link for more information.


Drew Madden


The health-care IT entrepreneur is convinced that the difficulty with which innovators go through to access health data impedes innovations. Drew Madden, therefore, seeks to make health data readily available by developing intuitive electronic medical records platforms. Drew Madden has been involved in this task for close to a decade, and his new health-care IT consultancy firm—Evergreen Healthcare Partners—shares in his vision.


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