Dr. Imran Haque Cares Much

When it comes to medical practice and service, there are a plethora of things Dr. Imran Haque can do for just about anyone in the Ashborough and Ramseur, North Carolina area. That is because he practices internal medicine with a passion. This means Imran Haque does not do any of the surgical or emergency care that people are so often used to seeing on such TV shows as Chicago Hope or The Good Doctor. What he does is diagnosis a person in need of medical attention and together they design a treatment plan as needed or he recommends a referral if necessary.

To achieve this goal Imran Haque works at two different hospitals. One of these facilities is Randolph Hospital and the other is named Kindred. As an all around internist, he works with a team of other specialist who practice in the same field. The range of medical services he provides is wide and they include physical exams, Venus body contouring, diabetes treatment options, 360 recovery, laser hair removal, Botox, dermal fillers and weight management services.

Since his graduation from the University of Virginia with a degree in medicine, his record stands more than a decade strong and his expertise is validated by enrollment in the Maintenance of Certification Program for Internal Medicine. What makes him such a good practitioner of medicine is the fact that his hands-on approach often directly offers patients results from his laboratory where he works. This is a stress reliever and added incentive to the patients who choose him ask their practitioner.

Of course, since this is the modern Age of medicine and the internet of things everywhere, it is suffice to say that Imran Haque has more than enough positive and well-earned reviews to substantiate anyone’s worries should they need to check his credentials. That is why he is loved by both his colleagues and clientele all around. Anyone seeking the services of Imran Haque should look for Horizon Internal Medicine. He is both a primary care physician and called on to be a specialist for other offices when necessary. Perhaps, one of the best things about his practice is that he accepts Blue Cross and Blue Shield but also does his best to see as many patients from all walks life as possible.

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