Desiree “Des” Perez Finds It Hard To Stay Out Of The Spotlight

Desiree “Des” Perez is not one for the spotlight, as evidenced by the fact that most people have never heard of her. Not that she hasn’t accomplished enough in the music entertainment industry over the past 20 years. A former nightclub and entertainment venue manager in New York City, Perez has been a big player in the music industry as the COO of Jay-Z’s Roc Nation since 2009. Prior to that she ran his former business, SC Enterprises for a number of years.

A native of New York City, Des was known in the 1990s as one of the city’s best club managers. She formed many tight relationships with the industry’s biggest players which would be beneficial for her in the future. She has been a close personal friend of rap mogul Jay-Z for nearly 20 years and when he needed someone to head his new company, Roc Nation turned to Perez. She is known as a fierce negotiator, never backing down from anyone at the negotiating table.

Perez was recently named by Billboard Magazine as one the music industry’s most powerful executives of 2017. She pulled off some great deals for Roc Nation the past couple of years, securing deals for BeyoncĂ©’s Foundation Stadium and Rihanna’s Samsung deal. In 2016, Jay-Z started a music streaming service named TIDAL and put Perez in charge of the company. She quickly went to work and negotiated a deal with Sprint for the company to purchase 33% of TIDAL for a whopping 200 million. The deal has quickly paid huge dividends for TIDAL, as they gained access to Sprint’s 45 million customers. She and her husband, Juan, live in New York City. Juan is the President of Roc Nation Sports and Des lends a hand during contract negotiations for that company’s athlete clients.

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