David Osio, Davos Financial Group CEO, Launches the Davos CAP Calculator

On June 22, 2016, the PRNewswire revealed the latest accomplishment from Davos REG dubbed the Davos CAP Calculator, a revolutionary mobile application. The application assists clients in estimating the return on their preferred real estate investments. David Osio, who was accompanied by top Directors from the Davos Real Estate Group including Pablo Bausili and Gerard Gonzalez, revealed the breakthrough to the company’s clients.

The mobile application can be handled or operated comfortably using the latest mobile platforms such as Android and iPhone gadgets. The release of the Davos CAP Calculator marked the start of a series of developments and releases of complementary applications. These applications are expected to boast the ability to spot properties using a personal mobile device as well as forward the past real estate details to a given agent at Davos through interactive means or chat. Further, Davos REG has been striving to create strategic partnerships and relationships with real estate agents globally in a bid to expand its services to the European market.

Benefits of the New Application

According to Gerard Gonzalez, the Executive Director at Davos Real Estate Group, the latest applications will aid investors in finding a clearer financial insight when procuring property. He also asserted that the new applications would also act or serve as a Mortgage Calculator.

David Osio

One cannot explore the success of Davos Financial Group without looking at the man behind the tremendous success, David Osio. He prides himself as the Founder as well as the Chief Executive Officer of the renowned financial advisor group that has numerous independent companies. His hands-on participation in the affairs of his companies has helped steer their operations and expansion into frontier markets such as Panama City, Miami, Geneva, New York and Lisbon. Currently, most of his licensed companies boast of agreements with the major global banks, which allows them to create a competitive and diversified investment platform. Learn more: https://about.me/davidosio

Osio’s success in business can be attributed to his wealth of experience derived from working with entities such as OPED Enterprises, LETCO Commercial Companies, MGO law firm, and Banco Latino International. He is also substantially involved in social responsibility affairs by supporting numerous foundations including the Miami Symphony Orchestra and the Saludarte Foundation. Further, global organizations have also benefited from his support such as Fundana Foundation, Children’s Orthopedic Foundation as well as the UMA Foundation.

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