Courses At The Wessex Institute of Technology

The Wessex Institute of Technology is located in England and mainly serves the scientific community. Professor Carlos Brebbia created the institute in 1986 and it has been in operation for over twenty-five years. They offer a wide range of courses.

The courses at Wessex include:

1) Target Mapping for Hazard Prediction

2) Transport and Disaster Risk Management

3) Security System Integration

4) Flooding and Mudflow Risk Management

5) System Dynamics Modelling

Also offered by Wessex is BEASY Training. Wessex Institute of Technology courses provide software tools so individuals receive the benefits of contributing to their organizations. The content is structured so it aligns with a companies issues regarding engineering. The information showing how to use the BEASY software to resolve these problems is taught. The course uses a very short curve.

Annual conferences are also scheduled by the institute to aid in forming links in the scientific community. Originally, these meetings focused on physical science and engineering. They have expanded to encompass topics such as ecology and architecture.