Contribution of Securus Technologies in the Safety of the Community

Securus Technologies is a premier group that offers remarkable civil and criminal justice solutions. The solutions offered are investigations, protection, correction, and monitoring. The answers are crucial in solving and preventing crime among the inmates. At Securus Technologies, a new service or product is introduced on a weekly basis that helps to prevent crime. That provides solutions that shield the society, inmates, their families, and tracking parolees against harm. Their primary objective is to improve safety within the community.


The exclusive services that have been appreciated by customers and several security institutions include:



  • Monitoring calls from inmates to ascertain if they are involved in alcohol use and drug trafficking within the facility. Monitoring inmates is useful in retrieving suspicious conversations that are helpful in crime solutions.



  • Technologically advanced tools provided by the company are useful in carrying out thorough investigation.


  • The reporting data is crucial in monitoring and preventing contraband incidences within the inmate facility.


  • The LBS software which has been developed by Securus technologies works together with law enforcement to help in the recovery of a lot of illegal assets worth millions of cash. The LBS software with Investigator Pro makes this company a leading security solution service provider.


In the past, Securus Technologies received accreditation from Better Business Bureau (BBB) from Texas with an A+ rating. The company has worked in collaboration with BBB to meet the required standards which include the following:


  • Transparency: Openness regarding the products and services they offer without concealing any critical information whatsoever.


  • Honesty: This virtue is evident in the advertisement of products they offer which include clear and adequate disclosure of every item.


  • Trustworthiness: Maintaining positive and clean records in trade.


  • Honoring the promises.


  • Being responsible for what they do.


  • Confidence: Protecting customer’s data against fraud and collection of personal data through the right procedure.


  • Integrity application in all business dealings.