Chris Burch’s Life as an Investment Guru

While most billionaires are linked to having generated their wealth from inheritance or dubious means, Chris Burch is one of the renowned investors who have succeeded through hard work and integrity. He was born in 1953 and raised in Wayne, Pennsylvania. However, his love for business could not wait until the completion of his studies. In 1976, Chris Burch was still an undergraduate at Ithaca College, but this was a defining moment in his life since it marked the beginning of his career. Together with his brother, they invested $2,000 in their company named Eagle’s Eye apparel whereby they dealt with sweaters (

A few years later, Burch creatively decided to find a factory that would produce sweaters that he sold in the campus on a door-to-door basis. With time, it expanded to serve several other campuses and eventually owned over 50 retail stores. The sweet beginning for Chris Burch did not lead him to the point of satisfaction. He desired more and worked hard to build other companies. In fact, he diversified his investments whereby he ventured in real estate and other industries that have contributed to his making of a fortune.

Among his famous investments, Chris Burch spent quite good money in Bali, a popular travel destination for domestic and international tourists, to acquire the Nihiwatu resort. At the acquisition period, Nihiwatu resort wasn’t as huge as it is. In fact, its popularity was wanting, and the facilities were not as high-end as they are at the moment. Accordingly, Chris Burch’s acquisition of the resort was not all since he further allocated quite a fortune to cater for renovations and improvements of the resort. As a matter of fact, his efforts made the resort to be classified as being in the luxury category, and it is also among the very best in the world today.


Some of the advancements regarding Nihiwatu resort include building luxurious rooms for better customer satisfaction. Along with this, Burch spent more money to improve the exterior by setting up adorable waterfalls that make the place to have a natural beauty. Since his investment was not a plan to bring a complete overhaul, his actions supported the preservation of the local’s culture and customs. This is evident by his action of employing local cooks and other staff. Other distinguished investments by Chris Burch include Burch Creative Capital, a company that specializes in aiding businesses to obtain capital for establishment or expansion purposes.   Visit the website, check