Chris Burch Venturing into the Business of Hospitality

Investor and billionaire Chris Burch is a jack of many trades, and he has been on top of his game lately especially with one of his latest success Nihi Sumba Island.

While Mr. Chris Burch is predominantly working in the industry of style and investments, he has also developed a great taste for the hospitality business. By partnering with an experienced hotelier, Mr. Chris Burch has been able to restore a less known Indonesian resort and transform it into one of the most popular luxury vacation sights today. To read more about him, hop over to

The Nihi Sumba Island is a resort located on the Indonesian Sumba Island as the name denotes. In fact, the hotel was voted up to the number one place for 2016 and 2017, and it has also earned a number of awards from various publications such as the Conde Nast Traveler for example.  More to read about the resort hotel on

Mr. Chris Burch has been investing in a number of fashion brands as well as tech brands. Some of the companies that Mr. Chris Burch has funded include Next Jump, Powermat, Jawbone, and many other. Seeing as Mr. Chris Burch has been funding hotels and other real estates, it is evident that he has added hospitality and the real estate industry to his list of interests. One of the hotels that Mr. Chris Burch has been helping is Faena Hotel which as converted from an old grain factory to a luxury five-star hotel. To learn more about his diverse business investments, check

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The involvement of Mr. Chris Burch with the hospitality industry and his venture in Indonesia came in the nick of time according to many as the Sumba island had been going through a severe downfall. The people of Sumba Island have been experiencing a drastic reduction in employment due to the closing of Nihiwatu. The people that established the resort in the first place are Claude and Petra Graves. The couple had started camping on the beach of Sumna Island back in 1988. They did that for a few years before they decided to build the resort there. By the middle of the 90s, the couple had started losing the business as the visiting rate was dropping significantly due to the financial crisis in Asia. The people of the island were also experiencing a number of issues in terms of health and social welfare.

Mr. Chris Burch and Nihi Sumba Island were of great help to the Sumbanese as it provided them with jobs as well as a vast amount of financial support.  To read an interview article of him, click

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