Ted Bauman Predicts of a Second Bull Run

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About one year ago, something caught the attention of Ted Bauman. It was about one sector of the economy which had been suffering for quite some time as a result of mismanagement. Around mid-December, there was a looming change of leadership. Those exiting from had their way of doing things while the so-called reformers entering into the new leadership had different ideas. These are some of the things that usually happen in most organizations. Boardroom wars are common but if taken to extreme levels can have drastic effects on the company. It seems Ted Bauman had done his calculations correctly. In approximately three weeks, his investments have increased by 13%. It is surprising that during the same period S&P only managed a mere 2.5%. Bauman used the same scenario to analyze simil...


The Greyhound Diaries in the fairest insight into the lives of the Americans. Inspired by Works Progress Administration, it shows that there are people in America who have real struggles that many American documentaries do not show. It uses music and narrations as a way for these people to share their stories and searches for the commonalities between all different kinds of people in America. It covers the seven years journey of Doug Levitt using the Greyhound bus in his quest to explore, understand and document in songs the life events of the ordinary Americans. While most people wonder about what is trending on twitter and Instagram, others do not even have the access to these things.     Road was the best way of covering and observing American in a better light. The b...