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Julia Jackson Combining Wine Making Success and Empowerment

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Julia Jackson comes from a family with a long history in the business of producing high quality wines. Growing up in and around the wine business, Jackson learned much about how to run a successful business, and today uses that wealth of knowledge to promote Jackson Family Wines while also raising awareness for her philanthropic organization that acknowledges and celebrates the accomplishments of women.After receiving her Bachelor of Arts from Scripps College, in 2010, Jackson attended Stanford Business School and received a certification in management. She then took her already extensive knowledge of wine making, and the business of producing quality wine, to France, where she focused on learning more about production and distribution. Today, Julia Jackson serves as proprietor of Jackson ...

Julie Zuckerberg Success in Helping Organization through Her Talent Acquisition Skills

Women in the Workplace
Julie Zuckerberg has recently focused her efforts on assisting businesses by providing them with advice on ways to enhance their customer services delivery. She does this with a fundamental objective of turning your business into a successful venture.   Zuckerberg is a graduate of University of Brooklyn College with a bachelor’s degree in philosophy. Furthermore, she attended New York law school where she acquired her bachelor of law degree. Julie started her talent acquisition career immediately after graduating from law school.   Julie is an expert in talent acquisition and recruitments. She is currently working with the Deutsche Bank as an executive in their human resource department. She plays the role of interviewing, acquisition and training of employees. Julie

A Versatile, Talent Acquisition Specialist, Julie Zuckerberg

Women in the Workplace
Personal Accomplishments of Julie Zuckerberg   Julie Zuckerberg is recognized for being one of the most versatile personas in the corporate world. Her multipurpose nature led her towards some highly valuable accomplishments all of which she had gained through her extensive work experiences. Her specialization in life cycle executive level recruiting had led her towards a vast array of professional connections. All of this had summed up to her admirable confidence. Her confidence shone brightly when she managed to do successful networking in person and on social media. This confidence had helped her achieve respectable positions within esteemed companies like Citicard and Deutsche Bank. Working with several qualified, renowned figures of the corporate world helped her to acquire ...

Susan McGalla – The New Face Of Women In Corporate America

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In the later half of the 20th century, the corporate world seemed keen to redefine the role of women. Despite opposition from various sectors, governments and private institutions voiced their opinion in support of the women rights on Post Gazette. With the passage of time, women continued to gain important milestones regarding equal pay, discrimination and issues pertaining to sexual harassment in the workplace. Despite these steps, climbing the corporate ladder has always been a challenge for women on ireport.cnn.com. As the boardroom of multinational corporations and important government institutions are full of men, it is extremely difficult for a women to implement her decisions. Besides, it is not unusual for them to face consistent opposition. However, there are few women such...

QNET Creates an Amazing Platform for Businesswomen to Succeed

Women in the Workplace
QNet is an international direct-selling organization that spans 100 countries. Not only is QNET very successful in offering networking to distributors with a multitude of products, they encourage women who might not have the chance otherwise to participate and become entrepreneurs in their own right. I see QNET as instrumental in supplying women with a corporation that is dedicated to developing a business experience for women. QNET was established in Hong Kong in 1998 and became a member of the Direct Selling Association of Singapore, Malaysia, and the Philippines. This phenomenal organization has 25 offices worldwide and has developed UAE QNET with three main offices in Dubai, Abu Dubai, and Mustafa. They also just opened a new office location in Myanmar. Great news! QNET opens