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Julia Jackson Combining Wine Making Success and Empowerment

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Julia Jackson comes from a family with a long history in the business of producing high quality wines. Growing up in and around the wine business, Jackson learned much about how to run a successful business, and today uses that wealth of knowledge to promote Jackson Family Wines while also raising awareness for her philanthropic organization that acknowledges and celebrates the accomplishments of women.After receiving her Bachelor of Arts from Scripps College, in 2010, Jackson attended Stanford Business School and received a certification in management. She then took her already extensive knowledge of wine making, and the business of producing quality wine, to France, where she focused on learning more about production and distribution. Today, Julia Jackson serves as proprietor of Jackson ...

Wine selection tips look out for from UKV PLC Wine

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A wine investment is one of the major ways through which you can acquire maximum profits as long as you employ unique strategies to stand out in the market. The price of wine appreciates with time depending on the age of the latter. Besides, its demand also goes up based on its age. UKV PLC entails a small team of experts who offer advice and guidelines on best wines to select and drink. The group of experts has helped many individuals avoid confusion when it comes to choosing their drinks and has, in turn, brought joy to people during their fan moments. The company also specializes in buying and selling excellent brands of wine as well as champagne, putting its target to all wine lovers. Besides, UKV PLC wines highly focus on its customers and work towards providing the best services t...

UKV PLC Offers Wine Investments with Numerous Benefits

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In the ever-changing market, low volatile investments are few and far in between. Many believe they need to risk their fortune at the hands of the stock market. This is no longer true thanks to UKV PLC and their fabulous wine offerings. Now, individuals are capable of investing in fine wine that will pay healthy and tax-free gains in the future. Investing in fine wine is a traditional practice that has been around for centuries. Investment-grade wine only increases in value. In fact, the longer an investor keeps their wine, the more money they will make in the future. It's recommended that purchased wine investments be held for a minimum of five years before attempting to be sold.  Tax-Free Capital Gains You will not find another investment that you can sell without having to pay

For Julia Jackson, Wine is a Woman’s World

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Born into the winery business, Julia Jackson is front and center as spokesperson and proprietor for her family’s winery, Kendall-Jackson. She received a Bachelor’s degree in studio art at Scripps College in Claremont, California. Jackson then attended Stanford University’s General Management program. In addition, Jackson, inspired by her mother, Barbara Banke, who runs the company, founded Cambria Seeds of Empowerment. This is a program that promotes and celebrates women who have overcome various trials and tribulations in their lives and now seek to inspire others to do the same within their communities. Julia refers to these women as “Warrior Women”. The program provides cash grants to nonprofits that encompass equality, community and spirit. Cambria Winery holds a special place in

Traveling Vineyard – The Best Wine Business

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Traveling Vineyard is one of a kind home vending wine business that for a wine sourced from all over the world. We have a unique boutique wine from the best grapes moved around by our consultants who are fun and entertaining. The independent experts carry out educational and wine tasting at your private home. As a member, you will enjoy two bottles of quality wine, educational and fun tasting tidbits, tasting notes, serving questions, food pairing ideas, and recipes. The marketing teams also get high pay for every wine testing and administrative service. Read more: Participating in the wine tasting, you meet new people, have fun and develop new friendships. Regional meetings are scheduled where you can meet other wine guides and discuss marketing techniques. Th...