Orange Coast College has a Top Rowing Crew Team

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On May 25, 2017, Orange Coast College (OCC) crew rower competed for 12th national title. In preparation, the adrenaline rush was high among the athletes. Since its founding 60 years ago, rowing crew is one of the things that OCC is most well-known for and has since seen 10 of its students go on to do so for the Olympic championships. Yet surprisingly, a good majority on the rowing teams have never as much as picked up an oar before entering community college. During a typical school year, about 80 men sign up to be on the crew, whereas, only about half of the women sign up for the women’s team. Rowing crew is a very rigid discipline, the sort of thing that takes up about 99.9 percent of the students’ lives.   On May 24, 2017, David Whitting interviewed some of the athletes the d