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There are Two Sides to Every Story: The Darius Fisher Success Story

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People tend to focus more on the negative aspects of a situation than they do the positive. This stems from human beings' undying obsession with fear. "What if it happens again" is a question constantly asked when a tragedy happens, and is a response to the fear of forgetting and repeating history. With the heavy influence of the internet in today's world, a bad mistake is about all of the information you will be able to find on a person or business. The 2011 pepper spraying of students at the University of California, for example, was an incident that generates negative publicity for the institution each day.   As of recently, the institution paid over six figures in funds to boost the online image of the school. Much disdain for this has been expressed by the public as they be...

The Importance of Online Reputation Management Service

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A bad online reputation can be devastating to your personal or professional profile. That is why you need to monitor your reputation at all times. And a professional online reputation management firm can handle this task for you effectively.   A university assistant professor, Melissa Click, was stunned when she found out that one mistake almost messed up her career and her personal profile. She was at a students protest at the University of Missouri when she made a wrong choice of trying to incite violence. The video of the incident went viral and her trouble began   Although Melissa denied that her intention was to encourage violence, she was ordered to do community service after been charged with a misdemeanor. Also, the University of Missouri suspended her while t...