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Based in Ontario, Gregory James Aziz is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of leading Canadian company; National Steel Car. Often described as a corporate genius, philanthropist, and family man, Greg Aziz has achieved remarkable fetes; both in his career and private life. Born in London, Ontario in 1949, James Aziz later enrolled at Ridley College. Upon graduation, he went on to join the prestigious Western University and studied Economics. After completing his Economics course in Western University, Greg joined his family’s business venture, Affiliated Foods, in 1971. The company dealt in wholesale foods. Affiliated Foods’ rapid growth in the 1970s saw the firm turn into a household name in the food importing and distribution sectors.   Greg Aziz further pursued corporate succes

George Soros is Back and Progressives Should Cheer

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Any discussion centered around philanthropist and investor George Soros will turn into a Rorsach test for a person's political identity. For progressives and those fighting for social justice, George Soros represents the very best of us. For right wingers and conservatives, George Soros is closer to a boogeyman figure than he is any kind of hero. No matter where you stand on George Soros it is clear that he is passionate about the very wheels that move the machine of democracy and the election of Donald Trump has him back in full swing. George Soros had largely been content to sit on the fringes of politics over the past decade or so. The last time Soros took a center stage role in the political world was when he backed Al Gore against incumbent President Bush during the 2004 elections....

A Brief Biography of Dick DeVos and his Philanthropic activities

Dick DeVos took the role of diverse of executive positions at Amway although most of his business career. Currently, he acts as the president of The Windquest group as well as Orlando Magic of the NBA.   DeVos took a leadership role in all areas of the operation of Amway when he was the president from 1993 to 2002. These positions were held in six continents and fifty countries. Amway attained sales of over 4 billion dollars during his fiscal service year. Before he took the role of president, he acted as the Vice President of Amway International where he took charge of the operations of the company in over 15 countries outside North America. The company tripled its sales internationally to surpass domestic sales. This happened while he was in charge and it was a first for the c...