Alex Pall Explains his time Spent with Halsey and Gives his Opinion on Andrew’s Singing

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When The Chainsmokers teamed up with the singer Halsey and released "Closer." They conducted an interview with Interview Magazine to talk about their experiences working with Halsey and the event that marked a first in Chainsmoker history: Andrew Taggart singing. Unlike The Chainsmokers other songs, where they only handled the production and songwriting side of things, "Closer features vocals from one of The Chainsmokers. This not only marks Taggart's debut to the world of singing, but it means The Chainsmokers are open to drastic changes. Eventually, the interviewer asked Alex Pall what it was like working with a talented singer like Halsey. "She's incredible," Alex said. Alex went on to explain that Halsey was at the top of their list for who they wanted to work with last year. "...

Desiree “Des” Perez Finds It Hard To Stay Out Of The Spotlight

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Desiree "Des" Perez is not one for the spotlight, as evidenced by the fact that most people have never heard of her. Not that she hasn't accomplished enough in the music entertainment industry over the past 20 years. A former nightclub and entertainment venue manager in New York City, Perez has been a big player in the music industry as the COO of Jay-Z's Roc Nation since 2009. Prior to that she ran his former business, SC Enterprises for a number of years. A native of New York City, Des was known in the 1990s as one of the city's best club managers. She formed many tight relationships with the industry's biggest players which would be beneficial for her in the future. She has been a close personal friend of rap mogul Jay-Z for nearly 20 years and when he needed someone to head his new ...

Alex Pall’s Experience In The Chainsmokers

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Alex Pall did a lot of DJing growing up in New York, New York which ultimately led him to his real career as a musician in The Chainsmokers, with Andrew or otherwise known as "Drew" Taggart. Pall's love for dance music sparked his further interest in becoming a musician. When Taggart and Pall teamed up, they formed a duo of DJs who produced electronic music together. (Watch: The Chainsmokers New Song Video).   They produced a lot of music together at many DJ gigs and began to dedicate themselves to the art. Pall's self-discovery came through doing many DJ performances, and realizing he could do this for a lifestyle. Pall and Taggart have become well known artists and started creating songs that are hip-hop, dance, and pop music all mixed together into one. Their songs such as "R...

Norma Luque Shines in Latin Music

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Norka Luque certainly has large amount of buzz right now. She is the Latin artist from Venezuela that has been getting a lot of spins on Latin radio stations. The “Milagro” single is taking the world by storm, and there is a good reason for people to find out more about Norka. She is being led into the industry by Emilio Estefan. This is someone that was known for bringing Gloria Estefan to the American charts. She has sold millions of records so Emilio has an opinion that means something. There have been a lot of people that have embraced what Norka is doing in the music industry today. She is a beautiful talent that has made her way to the spotlight with a lot of intensity and vigor. This is the type of passion that many artists lack. That may be why there is such a high demand for he