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With Houston on the Rebound After Harvey, Stream Energy Remembers Their Customers and Employees

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People of the Houston area are still reeling from the effects of Hurricane Harvey, the category five hurricane that blasted its way through the gulf coast of Texas, affecting millions of people and damaging nearly 135,000 homes. Everyone from celebrities to multi-billion-dollar corporations has sent millions of dollars in relief to the affected area, but it is their neighbors to the north, Stream Energy of Dallas, TX, that is striving to lend a helping hand as well.   Immediately after the storm hit, Stream Energy immediately mobilized to help the people affected by any and all means necessary. One of the first steps they took was to write a $25,000 check to the American Red Cross to assist with any expenses associated with medical care and rebuilding efforts. Stream Energy hope...

How To Connect With a Customer For Market America

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When it comes to making money, one of the best things for people to do is connect with the customer. The best thing for companies to do is pay attention to the changes that are happening in the market. A growing phenomenon in the market is people who are looking not for a product or a company, but a journey to be a part of. With the internet making things available for people to look into, there is going to be a desire for something that offers more than products. After all, people have a need that is deeper than what consumerism can fulfill.   One of the best ways a Market America unfranchised owner can connect with the customer is by telling a story. The story has to be compelling and real. Another thing to do is simply connect with the other users in social media. This can he...