Catching up with Michael Hagele

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Entrepreneur and attorney, Michael Hagele was recently interviewed by IdeaMensch and the outcome was very rewarding. He is currently serving as a counsel and investor for an outside technology company that deals with aerospace, defense and biotechnology deals. His passion began when he started as an in-house counsel man for a small company. He now is a prime investor in a very high profitable business. Michael is most intrigued by the new advances in artificial intelligence that he is seeing really come to life and be successful. He loves the new machine generated algorithms that are being used to create these AI respondents. Michael is also very excited about his new investment ventures and how successful they have become. Michael Hagele is clearly a very successful attorney, investor...

The Whistleblower Program’s Role In Thwarting Securities Law Breach

The Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform along with the Consumer Protection Act enacted in 2010 by Congress is the most sweeping transformation of the United States financial regulation. That is since the Great Depression. The Dodd-Frank Act forms a new whistleblower program that gives significant employment protection to the whistleblowers that report on the various potential securities violations. Additionally, it provides incentives for people to report possible breach of the federal securities laws to the SEC. As a response to this landmark legislation, Labatan Sucharow was United States’ first law firm to create a practice that focuses exclusively on protecting whistleblowers. The practice also advocates for whistleblowers. Capitalizing on Labatan Sucharow’s market leading securities lega

Luciana Lossio: A Woman of Many Talents

As a renowned attorney and equestrian competition champion, Luciana Lossio has worked hard to get where she is, and in the process she has done many firsts for a woman in Brazil. Today a Superior Electoral Court Minister of Brazil, Luciana plays a key role in the modernizing of Brazil’s legal system. She started on this bright path to success upon graduating from the University of Brazil in 1999. Since then she has taken on first time roles for women and displayed her emphatic knowledge of the legal system. It was her decision to specialize in more than one legal area within the legal field that has helped her obtain her current position as minister of the Superior Court. Her legal acumen has allowed her to work on important political and commercial cases, which has given her the de

Luciana Lossio: success as a lawyer, and Minister Equestrian champion

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After graduating in law at the University Center of Brasilia and also managing to gain approval of the Bar Association of Brazil both in 1999, the Minister of the Superior Electoral Court, Luciana Lossio, has continued to have a successful law career. Specializing in Electoral Law. She also holds three other degrees: One in Civil Procedure, the second in Law, State and Procedure and also recently obtained a graduate degree in Legal Order and Prosecution. Luciana is also a member of The Brazilian Institute of Electoral Law. Luciana Lossio has had some important clients during her career as a lawyer. Many governors and senior members of the executive branch. She also holds some very important achievements for women including being the first female to hold the position of Substitute Minist...

Go Fund Me Campaign For Homeless Looking For Forever Home

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Shelters around the world are finding it difficult to feed and take care of all of the homeless animals that come in off the street. The number of homeless animals is larger than the number of homeless people because people chose to forget to have their pets spayed or neutered. Once these puppies and kittens reach an undesirable adoption age or size, people allow the animals to stray off. Some people toss the unwanted animals to the curb. According to statistics and research, over three million dogs and three million cats enter shelters yearly. Most will never find their forever home before being destroyed. This is a sad statistic. People like Ross Abelow are trying to find solutions to the problems of feeding and sheltering these animals until they are adopted. Ross Abelow is launching a ...

The Lawyer with a Heart for the City’s Animals

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Every city has a number of stray animals. Those lost dogs or cats, which wander in the streets, sleep in alleys and under park benches, and eat from dumpsters. New York City, in this case is no different and has its share of them. Some of the animals may have been abandoned due to financial matters, sudden illnesses and allergies, or they simply got lost after they wandered off. In most cases, animal shelters take the animals, but they may be too crowded and lack enough money to care for the animals. This factors stop the shelters from taking on any more animals, as their resources will be stretched thin. Winters in New York are generally very cold, with the temperatures dropping very low. For the animals without shelter, they may end up getting sick and even die, due to exposure to the...