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Ricardo Tosto on the Brazilian Repatriation Law

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Mr. Ricardo Tosto De Oliveira Carvalho is the most prominent lawyer and partner of Liete, Tosto e Barros Law firm. He is projected as the market leader with the highest recognition. He is most celebrated for the way in which he approaches and conducts commercial litigation. Mr. Ricardo Tosto specializes in cases related to credit recovery, Banking contracts, Bankruptcy, Reorganization, Civil law, Commercial Law amongst many others. Several clients have described Mr. Ricardo Tosto as dedicated and skilled in whatever case he decides to take on. Ricardo holds a bachelor’s degree in law from Mackenzie with an extension course in Business Management. He has held various prestigious positions in his successful career. He was the president of the Judicial Modernization Committee and the Judic

Geoffrey Cone Response To The Feature

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Geoffrey Cone is known as one of the best in New Zealand in his field. He has profound knowledge and vast experience regarding trusts and tax laws. Geoffrey Cone is a professional and an experienced lawyer. He holds a degree in LLB honors and he also holds a post graduate diploma specializing in the field of tax and trust law. He is considered as one of the best in the field of wealth planning as well because of his successful career. After he successfully completed his post graduate in tax and trust law he started working as a chairman of partners in a renowned law firm. His main responsibility in this firm was to provide advisory services. He also operated as a leading counsel during his multiple appearances in court. Later onwards he decided to start his own firm by the name of “Cone Ma