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Chris Burch’s Career as a Business Owner

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Chris Burch is a wildly successful business owner who has had an exciting life. He grew up in a middle-class family in Pennsylvania. His father was a small business owner, and Chris learned valuable lessons about managing a company from him. When Chris attended Ithaca College, he wanted to learn more about business. One of his teachers recommended that he should start his own company to get applicable experience. Chris started a clothing company with his brother. The company became more successful than he ever planned. After several years, the company was making millions of dollars. Chris decided to let his brother manage the business so he could focus on other projects. Early Life Throughout his entire life, Chris has always invested for the future. He is a firm believer in the p...

The Power of Avaaz

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Avaaz is a non-governmental organization that is based in the United States, and its main agenda is to be activists on issues which are affecting people globally such as animal rights, human rights, climate change and more. Avaaz uses methods such as demonstrations and petitions in their quest for justice. Avaaz was launched in New York in the year 2007, but now it is an international organization. The founding president who is also the CEO of Avaaz is known as Ricken Patel. Ricken got a Masters in Public Policy from Harvard University after studying PPE (politics, philosophy, and economics) at Balliol College, Oxford University. During his time in Avaaz, Patel has gained experience on how to use online tools for activism, for example, online public petitions, videos, and emails. Ava...

Will AmEx survive the loss of critical clients such as Christopher Burch?

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The decision by the renowned entrepreneur Christopher Burch to discontinue his usage of American Express Co. cards and switch to JP Morgan Sapphire Reserve Card this year was an indication of the state of affairs at the AmEx Company. All was not rosy, and they were slowly losing grip on the market. Though AmEx has gotten a new Chief Executive, Stephen Squeri after the exit of Kenneth Chenault, the new incoming chief has a lot of work to do to ensure that AmEx regains control of its previous business performance. The company is facing increased competition from banks and other firms such as Paypal Holdings, whose net worth has been skyrocketing.   Additional article on There is uncertainty, which some of the investors can attest to, about the prospect of the compa