Inmate Phone Calls

How Securus Technologies is Helping Close Cold Cases

Inmate Phone Calls
I was given a cold case this month that was really a thorn in the side of my fellow officers. The suspect was in jail on a smaller crime, set to be released in a few weeks. The crime he was initially charged was tossed because the evidence was weak, and although he did give the officers a full confession to the brutal and violent crime, he was allowed to walk free until he was recently arrested. If he was allowed back on the street, any evidence that was still out there would surely be destroyed by him now.   With time running out, my team decided we had to take our battle right to the suspect if we were going to find and recover any additional evidence that could put him away for a long time. Knowing there was no other suspect because he already confessed, we headed to the loca...

Securus Addressed all Inaccuracies of Global Tel Link’s Claims

Inmate Phone Calls
Securus Technologies published a Press Release on June 9, 2016, to clarify few misunderstanding and confusion that created after some unlawful statement made by Global Tel Link (GTL).   Securus Technology is one of the leading service providers for criminal and civil justice technology solution for investigation, corrections, public safety, and monitoring. The categorized services of the company include investigation, emergency response, biometric analysis, inmate self-service, communication, public information, incident management and information management. Securus is growing rapidly, and they recently acquired JPay Inc.   The press release was made to protest against the recently published press release of GTL. In that press release, GTL has claimed few things that...

Securus Receives Massive Downloads Of Their App

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Securus recently announced app has obtained more than 65,000 downloads from families with relatives, colleagues, and friends in prison. The video visitation mobile app for both android and apple devices has already reconnected families with their loved ones in a very short time. The flexibility of the application is what has made many people download it as it has scheduled video chats once a person synchronizes their calendar to the application. Users have adapted to the new technology massively and have used it to reconnect with inmates in correction agencies around North America at the comfort of their homes. The video visitation app is working in all the facilities connected with Securus Technologies, and they are more than 3450. The application for inmate phone calls via video is ca...