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George Soros is Back and Progressives Should Cheer

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Any discussion centered around philanthropist and investor George Soros will turn into a Rorsach test for a person's political identity. For progressives and those fighting for social justice, George Soros represents the very best of us. For right wingers and conservatives, George Soros is closer to a boogeyman figure than he is any kind of hero. No matter where you stand on George Soros it is clear that he is passionate about the very wheels that move the machine of democracy and the election of Donald Trump has him back in full swing. George Soros had largely been content to sit on the fringes of politics over the past decade or so. The last time Soros took a center stage role in the political world was when he backed Al Gore against incumbent President Bush during the 2004 elections....

Thor Halvorssen Contribution In Liberation

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Thor Halvorssen is a freedom fighter and also a film producer. He is an advocator of human rights. Thor was born in 1977 and was brought up in Caracas. He is usually halfway from Venezuela and also halfway Norwegian. Thor lost his mother in 2004 following a brutal shootout during a public protest against Hugo Chávez's leadership. In 1993, his father was also taken, beaten, tortured and held a political prisoner in Venezuela. The police took Thor's dad because of addressing how the government was corrupt in allowing drugs cartels business. In 2014, his first cousin was also arrested and held as a political prisoner in Venezuela under Nicolas Maduro's government. Many people have tried to label him as a problem initiator and a Conservative Liberator. However, he made it public that he is a c

The Human Rights Foundation Keeps Human Rights Issues In The Media

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The Human Rights Foundation is an organization founded by Thor Halvorssen that tries to make the human rights abuses around the world public knowledge. Human society has gone on for centuries without all the necessary information about world events, and the Human Rights Foundation brings that information to light every day. Thor Halvorssen is a fine public speaker who works with the media to help the public understand what is going on in the world today, and this article explains how the Human Rights Foundation shares information with the world. #1: The HRF Keeps Celebrities In Check There are many celebrities who are ill-informed about world events, and the HRF sends communications to celebrities who seem to be working with countries that have committed human rights abuses in the pa...

Championing Human Rights: The New Model for Change

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Organizations aiming to bolster human rights are nothing new. The concept of human rights dates back to the Renaissance, after all. But fighting for human rights on a truly global scale in this age of multicultural despotism, divisive politics and social media watch-dogging requires a new approach. Enter the Human Rights Foundation (HRF). Founded in New York in 2005 by human rights activist and filmmaker Thor Halvorssen, HRF works tirelessly to stay out of the political fray, and disrupt it at the same time. The organization advocates for human rights and works to liberate the world's political prisoners without regard to politics, focusing on closed societies. It doesn't matter if the oppressors are right-winged authoritarians or leftist totalitarians. Both fall under HRF's purview. Th...