Dick Devos and the FAA

The Federal Aviation Administration has been announcing numerous policy updates this year, as well as some significant changes at different airports. This includes the new $40.9 million for the new tower at GSO. There are also new changes for several other airports, including security and technology regulations. All of these changes come after the FAA has been working with its Management Advisory Council to get advice on what’s best for future growth, policies, and regulations.   The Management Advisory Council was started in response to President Trump’s allegations that the FAA wasn’t doing enough to keep America competitive against foreign markets, particularly when it came to airport technology and security. The president’s challenge grew into a cause for the agency, which h

The Success of Rocketship Education is Due to the Involvement of Parents and Communities

Rocketship Education is an organization that serves low-income students in the public school system through its affiliated charter schools. As a system that began in California, these schools have now grown to include affiliates in the states of Wisconsin, Tennessee and Washington D.C. This program was founded on the premise that every student has the right to unlock their learning potential. The Rocketship Education program incorporates personalized learning with parental interaction in an unprecedented manner that has delivered amazing results. The success the Rocketship charter schools have had in changing the course of student's lives can be seen in the opportunities available for students in the San Jose area. As one of the first regions to welcome the Rocketship program, the futur...

Orange Coast College has a Top Rowing Crew Team

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On May 25, 2017, Orange Coast College (OCC) crew rower competed for 12th national title. In preparation, the adrenaline rush was high among the athletes. Since its founding 60 years ago, rowing crew is one of the things that OCC is most well-known for and has since seen 10 of its students go on to do so for the Olympic championships. Yet surprisingly, a good majority on the rowing teams have never as much as picked up an oar before entering community college. During a typical school year, about 80 men sign up to be on the crew, whereas, only about half of the women sign up for the women’s team. Rowing crew is a very rigid discipline, the sort of thing that takes up about 99.9 percent of the students’ lives.   On May 24, 2017, David Whitting interviewed some of the athletes the d

Courses At The Wessex Institute of Technology

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The Wessex Institute of Technology is located in England and mainly serves the scientific community. Professor Carlos Brebbia created the institute in 1986 and it has been in operation for over twenty-five years. They offer a wide range of courses. The courses at Wessex include: 1) Target Mapping for Hazard Prediction 2) Transport and Disaster Risk Management 3) Security System Integration 4) Flooding and Mudflow Risk Management 5) System Dynamics Modelling Also offered by Wessex is BEASY Training. Wessex Institute of Technology courses provide software tools so individuals receive the benefits of contributing to their organizations. The content is structured so it aligns with a companies issues regarding engineering. The information showing how to use the BEASY softwa...

Haircare 101

We all love our hair no matter the age, color, race, or creed. Possessing great looking hair is a positive reflection of self that's great for attracting the opposite sex. Unfortunately many of today's products don't live up to their own hype and are more known for being big disappointments. Brands such as L'Oréal, Pantene, Olay, Neutrogena, and Dove aren't totally bad, but they sure do have a lot of additives in them which is bad for your scalp. Being aware of your area's climate plays a huge role in how your hair is managed. Cold or cooler climates tend to give you a more dull appearance with less volume while hot/humid climates will definitely give you frizz thanks to the extra moisture in the air. Are you into coloring your locks? If so this isn't totally bad as well, but for long term

The Technology Change Classrooms Want to See

Rapid and upcoming technology continuously makes learning in the classroom invigorating and exciting. Students, teachers, and parents alike, love to be engaged in new and upcoming innovations, especially ones that can successfully be used to create a stimulating educational experience. In the 21st century, technology is revamping the way children are learning, and in schools it is become one of the easiest ways for teachers and parents to stay connected. ClassDoJo is a new classroom-learning platform that many teachers are falling in love with. Effectively being used in 2 in 3 schools or in 1 out of 2 classrooms, it is interactive and is drawing in the attention of a large age group of scholars. ClassDojo is a program that allows a teacher to reward students for their active participati...