Meet Dr. Jennifer Walden One Of The Unstoppable Surgeons

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For a woman to achieve incredibly, she must have fought her battles in her recession moments including defeating the societal and motherhood pressure. A woman is not only a mother to her children but also to the whole society. The community around Austin and Marble Falls Texas can attest how beneficial it is to have a mother in the society like Dr. Jennifer Walden who is a plastic surgeon, academia, commentator and the Founder of Walden Cosmetic Surgery and Laser Center. Dr. Jennifer Lee Walden is not only a surgeon but she is also an entrepreneur and a philanthropist. The way she takes care of her twin sons is reflected in her philanthropic activities. Recently she was appointed as the Secretary of the "American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery" (ASAPS) Board of Directors. She has...

The Success Of Dr. Mark McKenna

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Dr. Mark McKenna is a reputable medical doctor and serial entrepreneur who operates various business ventures and his medical practice here in the United States of America. Mr. McKenna is arguably most well-known for creating OVME - its name is pronounced as "of me" - a popular health service retailer where all services offered focus on the looks - the aesthetics - of customers. Rather than actually selling products, as virtually all retailers do, Dr. Mark McKenna's OVME connects prospective patients hoping to make themselves look better with certified, reputable, licensed healthcare providers across the United States. OVME operates via a mobile platform that connects consumers directly with healthcare providers best suited to their individual needs. How did Dr. Mark McKenna start hi...