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Sentient AI – Enhancing a Customer’s ECommerce Experience

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Building an engaging and successful eCommerce experience requires more than the ability to deliver high-quality goods to followers and loyal consumers. With today's technology and the ever-growing list of plugins, software, and AI features, creating a truly memorable eCommerce experience for your customers is often a key factor in the success of a business. Implementing sentient AI with your eCommerce platform is a way for you to ensure your followers and shoppers are getting top-notch service while providing the latest and most sought-after features in an online shopfront. Why Use Sentient AI With ECommerce Platforms? Utilizing sentient AI with an eCommerce platform allows you to better connect with those who have an interest in your products, services, or even in your brand as a wh...

Kheradpir Is The New CEO At Coriant

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Pat DiPietro’s time has come for him to leave the helm at Coriant. Kheradpir is the immediate former chairman of Verizon. He is famous as being a Verizon veteran. The ascent has been in the making for some time. The present chairman had a seat in senior management for a while. He was being groomed when he was called to work Marlin Equity Partners. The company owns Cori ant. With a 28-year-old career filled with remarkable accolades. He resigned from Juniper networks at the end of 2014. The board of directors reviewed his conduct. The matter under investigation was, how handled a customer. His stay in the company is probably the shortest in his career. Before Juniper, he was an employee at Barclays. As a key executive in Verizon, he led the company to roll out its FiOS; FTTH project.

WebRTC Now Makes It To The Talk Fusion Platform

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Bob Reina has an impressive story that outlines the way he stumbled into the technology industry. It all began several years ago when Bob tried to attach a simple 10 second video clip to his email to send to some friends. Not having done it before he thought it was a very simple task to perform. Little did he know that this type of technology had not been invented yet. We had the ability to record video but we did not have the ability to distribute that video effectively over the world wide web using email. He quickly realized after speaking to his ISP that it had not been done yet and that someone needed to come up with a solution. This was the beginning of Talk Fusion. Probably one of the most used video communication platforms on the planet. Bob Reina has assembled a team of some of ...

The Importance of Online Reputation Management Service

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A bad online reputation can be devastating to your personal or professional profile. That is why you need to monitor your reputation at all times. And a professional online reputation management firm can handle this task for you effectively.   A university assistant professor, Melissa Click, was stunned when she found out that one mistake almost messed up her career and her personal profile. She was at a students protest at the University of Missouri when she made a wrong choice of trying to incite violence. The video of the incident went viral and her trouble began   Although Melissa denied that her intention was to encourage violence, she was ordered to do community service after been charged with a misdemeanor. Also, the University of Missouri suspended her while t...