What Does Kyle Bass Want?

Does Kyle Bass want a socialist revolution to change the entire world, or does he just want a lot of money? It's hard to tell, but some facts may inform the reader's opinion. Consider who Bass is, and where he came from. Bass is from Argentina, and currently runs a hedge fund based in Texas. Bass' fund has been steadily decreasing, and it under-performs even moderately-managed hedge funds. This seems especially strange when one considers Bass hit the market like a freight train in 2008. Predicting a financial meltdown like the one America saw that year would make anybody famous. Bass used that fame to appear on numerous financial programs and spew his views. Certainly some of the things he says are based in solid fact, but the way he actually obtains profit seems to bear the marks of ul...

Sam Tabar: A Financial Star in the Making

Impeccable Career of Sam Tabar from Sam Tabar When most people graduate from college, they often have many choices as to what type of career path they wish to follow. For people like Sam Tabar, there have always been many exciting paths from which to choose. Possessing both an undergraduate degree from Oxford University and a law degree from Columbia Law School, Sam found himself in demand from both world-class law firms as well as some of the most well-respected financial firms in the world. After careful consideration, Sam decided to put his legal training to immediate use by accepting an Associate position with one of the top law firms in the country. Using his extensive knowledge of contract law and financial industry regulations, Sam was immediately put in charge of the firm'...

The Necessity of Investment Banking

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Investment banking offers assistance to various clients in raising financial capital by acting as an agent in issuance of securities. By acting as a liaison during mergers and acquisitions, investment banks assist their clients by advocating for their clients’ interest in raising financial capital. There are many components of investment banking; however, the two main components of investment banking are trading securities for cash or other securities “sell side”, and providing sound financial advice to institutions that buy investment services “buy side”. Differently from other banking industries, investment banking does not offer deposits and or have indirect fees. Investment banking has the ability to provide services to both the private and the public sector. Private services are

Reifler To Use Expertise To Help Middle Class Invest

Life is full of twists and turns. These tend to help us shape the person we are to be. Brad Reifler took all the right steps to become a successful hedge fund manager and a very rich and successful business owner. He got the right education. He founded his own company that when sold was worth millions of dollars. He got the experience that has made him a force to contend with in the financial realm. All of this had Brad Reifler on the fast track to being a billionaire at retirement. Then he began to realize that this is only true for about 1% of the American population. Only the very rich can make the investments and financial decisions needed to live a very comfortable life. The majority of the population is blocked from these opportunities. Forefront Capital Management is the secon...

James Dondero: Leading Highland Capital For More Than Two Decades

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James Dondero is the President of the famous Dallas hedge fund Highland Capital Management and he has been in this position for over two decades. His experience before Highland Capital allowed him to see what type of structure was needed in order to create an investment firm that surpassed success. To Jim, there are three principles that make up a trustworthy and successful fund. The first is Experience. Highland Capital has this. It was found in 1993 by James Dondero and it has pioneered the CLO and loan markets. The second principle is discipline. Highland Capital also has this. They are able to be transparent because they co-invest with their investors so that everyone’s interests are aligned. The third principle is boldness, which Highland Capital definitely has. The fund is employee o