Autism Awareness

Solo Capital – Sanjay Shah

Autism Awareness, Business, Charity
When Sanjay Shah made the committment to launch a very successful fundraiser, he had no idea the amount of integrity it would uphold to. His organization is called Autism Rocks and it was launched in 2014 in efforts to help raise money for the neurological condition that so many people suffer from. He hopes that he can help people understand the condition, as well as himself, and also understand the cause and help others learn to cope. It's a misunderstood condition and many people don't truly understand it. At the same time, there are different types of levels of autism. Some people are high functioning autistic individuals and other rely completely on the help of someone else. It's important to understand the signs and symptoms and get the help needed as soon as possible. Autism Rocks is...

Supporting Autism Research With Sanjay Shah

Autism Awareness, For a Cause
Autism rocks is a charity based on the research and donations related to the neurological condition, autism. It was created by Sanjay Shah in 2014 and has been a successful endeavor. He recently became passionate about autism after he was told his son had autism in 2011. They took him to a team of doctors and found that it was autism and he wanted to do as much as he could to help his son. Initially he wanted to just fix the problem but soon found that is not something he is able to do. He thought the next best thing would be to start a fundraising project and help raise money for the cause. He founded a brokerage firm called Solo Capital which has put him in a good financial position and he was able to ensure his son receives the best help possible, however, Shah understands that not ever...