Alex Pall Explains his time Spent with Halsey and Gives his Opinion on Andrew’s Singing

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When The Chainsmokers teamed up with the singer Halsey and released "Closer." They conducted an interview with Interview Magazine to talk about their experiences working with Halsey and the event that marked a first in Chainsmoker history: Andrew Taggart singing. Unlike The Chainsmokers other songs, where they only handled the production and songwriting side of things, "Closer features vocals from one of The Chainsmokers. This not only marks Taggart's debut to the world of singing, but it means The Chainsmokers are open to drastic changes. Eventually, the interviewer asked Alex Pall what it was like working with a talented singer like Halsey. "She's incredible," Alex said. Alex went on to explain that Halsey was at the top of their list for who they wanted to work with last year. "...