Catching up with Michael Hagele

Entrepreneur and attorney, Michael Hagele was recently interviewed by IdeaMensch and the outcome was very rewarding. He is currently serving as a counsel and investor for an outside technology company that deals with aerospace, defense and biotechnology deals. His passion began when he started as an in-house counsel man for a small company. He now is a prime investor in a very high profitable business.

Michael is most intrigued by the new advances in artificial intelligence that he is seeing really come to life and be successful. He loves the new machine generated algorithms that are being used to create these AI respondents. Michael is also very excited about his new investment ventures and how successful they have become.
Michael Hagele is clearly a very successful attorney, investor, and entrepreneur and the one thing he feels is the most important thing to keep in mind as an entrepreneur is to keep physical activity a priority. When your mind is running a hundred miles an hour is can be easy to lose touch with reality, and physical fitness helps to ground you, and to reduce the stress that comes along with being an entrepreneur. He also believes that social media plays a huge rule in growing a new business. Hagele feels as though social media is one of the most effective, and easiest ways to get the public’s attention and to gain new clients.
In terms of computer applications Michael enjoys using a mixture of Google web services and Microsoft as well. He feels as though the two are a great pair and are easy to use and very efficient. Although, his investments are huge successes he has had a failure with one of his clients who was not interested in investing in his own venture but instead of letting the failure get him down, he used it as leverage to learn from the situation and never invest in someone who isn’t willing to invest in them self.

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