Cancer Treatment Center of America Fighting Prostate Cancer

Prostate cancer affects many men in their lifetime. Different organizations have therefore joined hands to increase awareness about the scorching disease. The Cancer Treatment of America, the LabCorp, and the National Football League Alumni Association recently partnered to increase Prostate cancer awareness. The partnership is also determined to increase the access points for cancer screening.

Apart from working together for the fight against Prostate cancer, the organizations also work individually. The LabCorp, for instance, offered free Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA) screen to men with over 40 years. Only 2,000 men qualified for the free test. After the free test, LabCorp continued carrying out the screening at a discount of 25%. Many men benefited from the screening.

Members of the National Football League Alumni Association will be featured in the awareness campaign. Bill Cowher, as well as Hern Edwards who are both former NFL head coached, will take part in the Prostate Pep Talk Campaign. Their primary role will include encouraging men to go for screening. They will also be shedding light on the dangers of Prostate cancer.

According to research conducted by the American Cancer Society, there will be new 161,360 new cases of cancer in 2017 alone. The research revealed that one out of seven White American men would be diagnosed Prostate cancer in their lifetime. Consequently, one out of five African-Americans will be diagnosed with the same type of cancer. The cancer is more common in African American men, and some of its risk factors include race, behavioral activities, and family history.

The Cancer Treatment Center of America is a group of cancer treatment facilities in the United States. CTCA has its main offices in Boca Raton. The facility was established by Richard Stephenson, and it currently operates five hospitals in the country. The services offered by CTCA include chemotherapy, genomic testing, immunotherapy, and radiation.

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