Brown Modeling Agency’s Past As Wilhelmina Austin

Brown Modeling Agency has become a fan-favorite in the modeling world. The Austin-based talent agency has a successful resume, has many outside connections and is bucking all of the current trends. There is a huge selection of talent that can be found here and many of this talent was considered as hidden jewels. This goes to show that the big cities of New York and Paris are overlooking potential talent. Brown Modeling Agency has accrued many high-profile clients like:


  • Toyota


  • Dodge Ram


  • Landshark Beer


  • HBO


  • L’Oreal


  • Bright House


  • And numerous others



Before the agency became a mega-hit, it was just a small company that operated out of Austin, Texas. As of today, Brown Modeling Agency has numerous locations in the Texas region, and it possesses more than 450 employees. Linda Asaf was one of the very first prominent names to do business with the agency back in 2010. During this time, the agency was known as Wilhelmina Austin. Asaf is a fashion designer, and she put together a stunning collection of women’s clothing for the agency’s launch. Of course, the fashion show was a hit. This collection was formed in a matter of two weeks, and it displayed fringe sheath dresses and evening gowns. For the city of Austin, this event was the kick-off to something big.



Brown Modeling Agency came into fruition in 2015 as Heyman Talent South was combined with Wilhelmina Austin. Justin Brown, CEO of the agency, has used his industry brilliance to turn this business into a huge success. Justin has worked in front of the camera as a model, and he has worked from behind the camera in the development department. All in all, Brown Modeling Agency is on its way, and it’s setting new trends along the way. You can visit their Instagram page.