Bridget Scarr Sheds light on the Secret to Succeed as an Executive Producer

Bridget Scarr is a UK based author, singer-songwriter and executive producer who is passionate about creating captivating content that appeals to varying platforms. In all the projects that Bridget works on whether television, digital content, augmented reality, interactive exhibition or virtual reality, she makes sure that they resonate with her audiences both intellectually and emotionally.


Ms. Scarr has a rich educational history after pursuing several essential subjects such as Drama, Politics, Psychology, Journalism, Music, and English at Rhodes University. In 2004, she attained her BA, Cum Laude. Bridget has fifteen years of pro experience working as a director, animator, and producer in different organizations before she founded her production company dubbed Colibrí Studios where she is the Executive Producer to date.


During her entire profession, Bridget has been in charge of creative development and management of creative and technical production teams of individuals ranging from 5 to 220. Presently she is the head of content development, strategy, and partnerships at Colibrí Studios.


In a recent interview with Ideamensch, Bridget sheds light on how to be a creative professional. According to Bridget, the idea to start Colibrí Studios was hatched during her time working as a producer assisting others to bring their ideas to life. She then thought it would be prudent to start a firm where she could merge all her creative ideas into one.


Bridget elucidated in the interview that each project she does is diverse depending on what its angle is. Currently, Ms. Scarr is doing a reality program that incorporates historical landmarks and monuments to increase users understanding while pulling them into a narrative story.


Bridget starts her day off with meditation as it helps her re-energize and more engrossed on her daily tasks. Afterwards, she takes a light breakfast with her family and makes a short commute to work. When asked about one trend that excites her, Bridget points out that she loves how virtual reality and augmented reality can be incorporated in education to help students engage with subjects more practically. According to her, the Virtual reality is a powerful tool that has endless options and can be used to stimulate the emotions of others giving them a memorable experience.


Even though she lost her initial business venture, Bridget was determined to succeed as an entrepreneur once again; hence, founding Colibrí Studios. Bridget’s advice younger entrepreneurs to be fearless in their journey to success and to believe in their abilities. Moreover, they should also mediate and be grateful for those around them.


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