Beneficial Acquisitions with Flavio Maluf in the Lead

Brazilian businessman Flavio Maluf is at the helm of the Brazilian corporation Eucatex S. A. and has been occupying the positions of President and Chief executive officer, and Chairman of the Board since 2006.

Recently, the corporation of Eucatex S. A. with Mr. Flavio Maluf as the leader made a beneficial acquisition for the business. It got the plant owned by Duratex S. A. which is located inBotacatu. In exchange, Eucatex provided Duratex with its production farm in Capao Bonito.

The facility in the city of Botacatu has a production estimated to reach over 200 000 cubic meters a year and employs 280 people. The plant will have to be approved by the CADE before it can launch business again, according to Mr. Flavio Maluf. In addition to that, the company CEO and President Mr. Flavio Maluf explained that this acquisition would greatly improve the services and overall production of the Eucatex S. A. Visit to learn more.

With the Batacatu plant, the corporation will increase its fireboard production capacity by 70 percent. The pain production capacity will also increase by 30 percent, and the paper printing capacity will rise by 40 percent. That will open many job vacancies for the locals. The company stated that it would continue to complete such acquisitions in the near future.

Duratex S. A., in turn, is excited to receive the production farm in Capao Bonito. The facility is located near another Duratex facility in the city of Itapentiga. The base of the company is almost 60 million Brazilian dollars, and it has already reopened the plant in Capao Bonito earlier this year in April. The farm is used for the production of raw material.

Mr. Flavio Maluf achieved his bachelor’s degree at the Armando AlvaresPenteado Foundation. He is a mechanical engineer. Up to date, other than leading the Eucatex S. A., Mr. Flavio Maluf is also at the helm of the company GrandFood. Grand Food is the parent company of Golden and Premier Pet.

Over the years, Mr. Flavio Maluf has worked in the United States, Brazil, as well as in several countries across Europe and Asia. He also does investment and philanthropy. Visit: