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Your Favorite Shoes at Your Fingertips

Online Shopping
If you love shoes, you’ll love the latest headlines that are making waves in the fashion industry. Having provided the ultimate in convenience shopping to their customers Shoe Carnival has announced its partnership ship with Slyce Inc. Slyce is a leader in the technology industry providing high tech business solutions to countless companies. The list of businesses they provide service for include major retail giants like JCPenney, Neiman Marcus and Home Depot just to name a few. Slyce Inc., based out of Toronto, Ontario supplies retailers with the power of technology to drive sales. The product provides a fully automated 3D visual search capability that is able to be integrated across all mobile devices and platforms. Slyce CEO Mark Elfenbein himself is quoted as saying the merger of

Michael Zomber: Overcoming Difficulties

Inspiring Pioneers
Michael Zomber's story is one of success and perseverance. In the 2000s, Zomber was wrongly accused of mail fraud and sentenced to prison for several years. He used his time in prison productively and put together evidence to support his case and that eventually overturned his conviction in an appeal. Zomber also dedicated significant amounts of time to helping other inmates to gain and education and pass the GED or prepare for their appeals. Zomber has quite an impressive educational background. He studied at the University of Illinois and graduated with honors and degrees in both english and psychology. Zomber then furthered his studies at the University of California in Los Angeles. It was in California that Zomber earned his masters in english literature. Since his time in school, Z...

Can Coriant Make An Impact In The Mobile Technology World With A New CEO?

Coriant is a mobile network company that is a large conglomerate that only came together a few years ago. The company is run by Shaygan Kheradpir because he was the most logical choice, and he has a really nice set of qualifications that make him the perfect person for them to work with. The company is working more with cell phone companies every day, and they are thinking of how they can be more relevant in the market. The only way to be more relevant is to make sure that they have a great cell phone mind at the top. Shaygan Kheradpir is the perfect person for this job because he came up with Verizon as an engineer. He has executive experience, and he remembers what it was like when they first came up with the "can you hear me now?" campaign in the 90s. That is a campaign that is still...

The Importance of Online Reputation Management Service

Digital Marketing, Public Relations
A bad online reputation can be devastating to your personal or professional profile. That is why you need to monitor your reputation at all times. And a professional online reputation management firm can handle this task for you effectively.   A university assistant professor, Melissa Click, was stunned when she found out that one mistake almost messed up her career and her personal profile. She was at a students protest at the University of Missouri when she made a wrong choice of trying to incite violence. The video of the incident went viral and her trouble began   Although Melissa denied that her intention was to encourage violence, she was ordered to do community service after been charged with a misdemeanor. Also, the University of Missouri suspended her while t...

Choose WEN Cleansing Conditioner for the Perfect Hair Results

Best Hair Care Product
If you are yet to use Wen hair cleansing conditioners, then you are really missing out a lot as these products are an all-in-one shampoo, styling treatment and conditioner. This brand boasts that the products are capable of giving desired outcome regardless of the type of hair they are used on. Negative side effects are very rare and they are always worth giving a try. The everyday hustle with trains, cars and planes calls for a good bath. Your hair is very likely to be all greasy and unruly, and incorporating WEN hair products will definitely work magic to restore your overall neatness. One thing that you should know about this product is the amount the brand recommends that you use. It is printed on the back, and recommends 10-16 pumps of the product for short hair, medium hair is rec...

Alexei Beltyukov the Russian Guardian Angel

Alexei Beltyukov is a Russian philanthropist who started his career in medicine and went on to join Business school at the INSEAD Business school where successfully completed his MBA. Upon completion of his studies at the INSEAD business School, Alexei Beltyukov set out to exercise the acquired knowledge and created an empire of very successful businesses. In 2013 Alexei Beltyukov founded A-Ventures Ltd., New Gas Technologies and Mechachinus all of which have grown to become very successful business entities. Alexei is one individual who believes and places a lot of importance to education. This is evidenced by the numerous opportunities to prospective business men as well as students seeking to join business school. All this opportunities have been created through the Solvy which wa...

Kevin Seawright Helps Youth Find Summer Jobs

Summer jobs offer teenagers more than just a way for them to get out of the house and find something to do. They are a great way to gain experience and financial independence as they learn fiscal responsibility. Kevin Seawright understands how important this is to the development of teenagers, which is why his company the Newark Community Economic Development Corporation has partnered with Newark Works to create the Summer Youth Employment Plan which helps teens be placed in jobs. The Summer Youth Employment Plan had 3,000 teens and enrolled last summer in 2015, and Seawright says that the goal for 2016 is to increase the enrollment to 3,500 teens. In addition to helping find teens jobs, the program also includes on the job training, empowerment lectures, financial literacy lessons, and...

Go Fund Me Campaign For Homeless Looking For Forever Home

Fundraiser, Lawyer
Shelters around the world are finding it difficult to feed and take care of all of the homeless animals that come in off the street. The number of homeless animals is larger than the number of homeless people because people chose to forget to have their pets spayed or neutered. Once these puppies and kittens reach an undesirable adoption age or size, people allow the animals to stray off. Some people toss the unwanted animals to the curb. According to statistics and research, over three million dogs and three million cats enter shelters yearly. Most will never find their forever home before being destroyed. This is a sad statistic. People like Ross Abelow are trying to find solutions to the problems of feeding and sheltering these animals until they are adopted. Ross Abelow is launching a ...

New Brunswick Devco Developing the City one Project at a Time

In January 2016, Middlesex County Improvement Authority missed a $1 million payment owed to Casino Reinvestment Development Authority. The improvement authority had borrowed $20 million back in 2005 that was used to develop the Heldrich Hotel. However, it is confident that it will fully repay the loan in the next few years. The project was spearheaded by New Brunswick Development Corporation, a nonprofit corporation that is engaged in developing huge projects in New Brunswick. Currently, the corporation is a model for Atlantic City Development Corp. The two are headed by lawyer Christopher Paladino who was instrumental in arranging for the Heldrich Hotel loan in 2005. Heldrich Hotel was opened in 2007 with a 235 room capacity. Despite a slow start, business has picked up with more ho...

SKOUT Feeds 20K Hungry People In Food Bank Partnership

Apps, For a Cause
"Virtual gifting within our app is very popular and we enjoy creating ways to leverage this feature to make a difference in our local community... We're excited to partner with the SF-Marin Food Bank and give back to the community where we live and work," were the enthusiastic words that Christian Wiklund had about the launch of a free service SKOUT is now offering through the SF-Marin Food Bank. This important charity feeds over 20,000 of the most needy. Mr. Wiklund is the CEO and co-founder of SKOUT, a company that has had a very popular social connection app for smartphones that has been out for a few years now. Both his company and the food bank are based in San Francisco. SKOUT is also the name of the application, available world wide to assist everyone with increasing the size and...