At the Fortress Investment Group its all about creating a portfolio.

With its acquisition by SoftBank, the Fortress Investment Group once again became a private company. This deal for those in the know believe had been playing out behind the scenes for more than two years but eventually concluded in 2017. The deal saw Softbank acquire all the listed shares at a premium driving its value up to 3.3 billion dollars. This was a price that Softbank was willing to part with despite the significant concessions it had to make, such as leaving the operations to its current management team.

The Fortress Investment Group was founded in 1998 and has been one of the very successful ones. They have been able to grow their assets under management from an estimated four hundred million to over forty million dollars today. This growth has been driven in part by the role its founders played at its initial stages as well as employing the right people to handle its operations.

Today the Fortress Investment Group has a very diverse portfolio in terms of assets which has been key to their performance. By diversifying Fortress has ensured that at no one time is the Group exposed financially to the crisis taking place in a given sector. This was one of the key reasons Softbank so the Fortress Investment Group as an attractive investment for them.

The group has a credit division that has its headquarters in San Francisco. Briger heads this division and had become very instrumental in helping grow the group. They have more than five hundred people working in this division who are experts in almost all fields which enables them to continue making the right investment decisions whether as a public company or now as a private company. The value of this staff cannot be underrated at any time.

Fortress Investment Group became the first private equity group to go public. This happened in 2008 when they listed on the New York Stock Exchange. At the time the price of its stock skyrocketed and made some of its founding member’s billionaires. Even after its acquisition the two active Co-founders are still very involved in its day to day actives and hold significant sway on investment decisions made by the company. These Co-founders and their partners will continue reinvesting in the group and as such continue to enable the company to access the liquidity necessary to make all necessary investments. SoftBank will also be injecting capital for investment as days go by.

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