Ara Chackerian; Businessman, Investor and Leader

Meet Ara Chackerian, well-known entrepreneur, angel investor, philanthropist, husband and father. For decades, Mr. Chackerian has followed in his family’s footsteps and has focused his life and career around giving back and is deeply committed to providing a more eco friendly health environment.

Mr. Ara Chackerian has more than two decades of experience in building healthcare companies, and is currently on the board of chairman’s for many healthcare companies including ASC Capital Holding’s LLC., in which his job is to invest solely in early stage healthcare companies with the primary objective of reinventing the U.S. Healthcare System. He is also the proud Co-founder of many other well-known healthcare companies including BMC Diagnostics, Pipeline RX and more recently, TMS Health Solutions.

TMS Health Solutions is becoming a big deal, especially to those whose suffer from major psychiatric and depressive disorders, as the primary focus of treatment here is centered on a transcranial magnetic stimulation therapy. The fundamental belief and vision at TMS is the ability to utilize the “patient first” methodology by designing a care delivery model that allows both the patient and physician to achieve their desired outcome, both in terms of experience and treatment.

More recently, seven new facilities have been built in the Sacramento and San Francisco Bay area with an average of 3,000 SQ feet of consult and treatment rooms per facility. The design of each facility is primarily focused on providing a feeling of serenity and relaxation, which is of extreme importance when treating patients with psychiatric disorders. Mr. Ara Chackerian likes to describe TMS as “anti-healthcare.” TMS has true potential to help thousands of people suffering from medication resistant depression. You can visit his page

With so much to focus on, it doesn’t seem like Mr. Chackerian would have much time for anything else, yet he still finds time to enjoy his favorite hobbies, surfing, trail running and of course, spending time with his wife.

When asked what advice he would give as a successful businessman and entrepreneur, Mr. Chackerian replied “Always follow the motto, which is to seek the truth.” You can visit his website