An Interview with Dr. Mark McKenna

Dr. Mark McKenna was recently interviewed by Ideamensch where he gave information and advice about his background and how to achieve success in your career goals. Dr. McKenna is a Medical Doctor who has a wealth of business ventures as well as a license to practice medicine and surgery in both Georgia and Florida. Outside of his business ventures, he is also extremely passionate about philanthropy and serving his community.

Dr. Mark McKenna is a native of New Orleans, Louisiana, where he worked with his father in their medical practice. During that time he also worked to launch his own company: McKenna Venture Investments. This company was a real estate development firm that was highly selective in what it chose to develop, giving it the label of a “boutique” firm. When Hurricane Katrina hit the practice lost most of its business. However, Dr. McKenna didn’t focus on rebuilding his practice, he focused solely on rebuilding the community. He paid especial focus to working diligently to rebuild low income housing areas where people were suffering the most. He was an essential player in rebuilding multiple communities and also helped to rally others in the business community to take time to rebuild New Orleans.

As New Orleans came back to life, Dr. Mark McKenna continues with his business ventures while still practicing medicine. He acquired Universal Mortgage Lending and Uptown Title and expanded it to become a highly successful company. The company went on to acquire additional businesses and offered everything from finance to assistance in real estate closings. The company grew to employ over fifty people and continues to grow.

He recently founded a new company called OVME. The idea came to him through his work in the medical aesthetics field. The practice he initially developed had grown so large that it was sold to a publicly traded company. He saw that success as a benchmark he felt that others could benefit from. Dr. Mark McKenna currently lives in Atlanta where his business ventures continue to thrive. He is always developing new ideas as well as working on joint ventures with other like-minded business partners.