Aloha Restoration Has Homeowners Covered In Lake County, Illinois

Aloha Restoration Co. is a family-owned general contracting firm that was started by the founder, president, and CEO of Aloha Construction, Inc., Dave Farbaky. They are based in Lake Zurich, Illinois, and can help homeowners recover from disasters or remodel their home across Lake County.

The services they provide include water removal and restorations, the removal of dangerous molds, interior remodeling, and carpet cleaning. Dave Farbaky says that their goal is to make people feel safe and secure in their homes. All of their contractors receive continuous training and Aloha Restoration is licensed and certified as both a professional remodeler and as a company that can help in disaster recovery.

As a disaster can happen at any time of the day or night, Aloha Restoration is open 24/7. They can respond quickly after being contacted and will work alongside authorities to make sure the home is secured. Their goal is to make this process hassle-free for the homeowners.

Flooding and standing water can cause enormous damage to a home and lead to mold quickly settling in. Once contacted, an Aloha Restoration team will arrive and set up the equipment to make a home completely bone-dry within 48 hours. When responding to a home that has had a fire they follow best practices and can remove and replace everything that has been damaged, and get rid of smoke and soot.

In order to advertise this company, and because Dave Farbaky and his family are Chicago Cubs fans, they are now the “Clean-Up” sponsor of this team at radio station 670AM. They have partnered with this radio station on all 162 Cubs’ games for the year. Additionally, both Aloha Restoration and Aloha Construction support a number of local youth teams as well as at the collegiate level.