Advancing the Liberal Agenda

George Soros was born in Hungary during the onset of the Second World War. He is Jewish and knows what it is to be discriminated against and persecuted for his identity. His family had to conceal their Jewish identities to keep the Nazi Regime from executing them. 500,000 Hungarian Jews were executed merely for being Jewish. Shortly after, he went to the London School of Economics where he came across Karl Popper’s Open Society Philosophy. Soros has lived by that philosophy ever and tries to propagate it. He is perhaps the most liberal billionaire that ever lived.Soros immigrated to the United States to chase the American dream. He cultivated the American economy by working for banks and other investment firms and giving them valuable investment advice.

He became super rich after he founded his first hedge fund. He grew it and re-branded it to become the Quantum Fund in 1973. He also formed the Soros Fund Management which has overseen all his investments and consolidated his 25 billion dollars net worth and the 12 billion dollars that he has donated to charity over the decades. Hedge funds are high-risk investment entities and Soros is a very successful high-risk investor. In fact, he is also a high-risk philanthropist who believes in giving large sums of money to liberal causes that have low chances of success. Fortunate for the world, most of those causes have always turned out successful in the long run because Soros gives them when he gives support to dying causes.

As a liberal mind, Soros is a critical member of the Democratic Party. He endorses liberal causes with within the party and funds them. He tries to avoid publicity but he is frequently cast into public attention when he vocally protests against ant-liberal policies instigated by extremist members of the Grand Old Party. He had been silent during the Obama Administration but got very vocal during the entire duration of the Trump presidential bid. He even gave 25 million dollars to Clinton’s campaign for the presidency just to prevent a Trump Presidency.

Trump still won and has been advancing the Conservatism Agenda, much to the chagrin of George Soros. In protest, Soros is spending millions of dollars to stall most of the Trump Administration’s abrasive efforts to demean immigrants in the country.George Soros also believes that President Trump’s approach to terrorism is demeaning and counterproductive. The Republican President creates fear and tension in Americans over ISIS, an action that promotes the objectives of the terrorist group. He describes the idea of building a wall between the United States and Mexico as also fallacious if it is meant to control terrorism.