A Brief Biography of Dick DeVos and his Philanthropic activities

Dick DeVos took the role of diverse of executive positions at Amway although most of his business career. Currently, he acts as the president of The Windquest group as well as Orlando Magic of the NBA.


DeVos took a leadership role in all areas of the operation of Amway when he was the president from 1993 to 2002. These positions were held in six continents and fifty countries. Amway attained sales of over 4 billion dollars during his fiscal service year. Before he took the role of president, he acted as the Vice President of Amway International where he took charge of the operations of the company in over 15 countries outside North America. The company tripled its sales internationally to surpass domestic sales. This happened while he was in charge and it was a first for the company throughout its history. When his family took over the NBA team Orlando Magic in 1991, He became the CEO and president and held the position for three years.


DeVos has acted as co-chair and chair to a variety of local health care enhancements consisting of a convention center worth $212million, a downtown area worth $75 million, a medical hospital worth $90million, and a heart hospital worth $130million among a host of others.


Asides from the part he plays in business, Dick DeVos also plays an active role in numerous initiatives in the community. He established the Education Freedom Fund which provided over 4,000 scholarships to kids in Michigan without the means. This was carried out in the West Michigan Aviation Academy which is a school that makes an effort to make available an educational program which is detailed and tasks with an emphasis on aviation.


Dick DeVos is happily married to Betsy DeVos, and together they have six grandchildren and four kids. They co-own a foundation that aids in the reform of education. For Dick and his wife, I believe the priority they give to education is apparent in the amount they channel to it. They provided more than 3 million dollars to causes relating to education which accounted for more than 20 percent of all their donations to charity that year. Additionally, through their foundation, they offered 3 percent or $357,000 to various groups that offer assistance to education reform.


According to tax reports, I believe mainly Michigan Schools benefited from the funds offered by Dick DeVos and his foundation. Some of the major schools that benefited from the funds include Detroit Charter School Company New Urban Learning which attained $25,000, Compass College of Cinematic Arts in Grand Rapids which got $50,000. Potter’s House in Wyoming which got $301,000, Rehoboth Christian School, located in New Mexico which got $50,000 and a host of others.