Felipe Montoro Jens Offers Solutions To Brazil’s Economic Crisis

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A nation in severe economic turmoil, Brazil is suffering the consequences of their poor infrastructure operations. According to a study conducted by the National Confederation of Industry, Brazil’s failing infrastructure precipitated an onslaught of setbacks. As a result, the country’s financial resources, workers, and economy took a substantial hit. In 2017 alone, Brazil abandoned 517 infrastructure projects. Some of those works included highways, airports, railways, and waterways. Seemingly simple jobs including schools and sports facilities were ceased as well. Brazil’s incompetence has grown to such an unfathomable degree that project analyst Felipe Montoro Jens stepped in to offer his advice. Find out more at consultasocio.com to learn more. As a seasoned project analyst, Jens gras

Services Provided by Aloha Construction

When it comes to your home, one of the most important things that you need to do is make sure that it continues to be in good condition and be properly maintained. One part of your home that needs to be properly cared for is your roof. If you are in need of a new roof, or a roof repair, you should contact the team at Aloha Construction.   For the past few decades, Aloha Construction has continued to be one of the premier providers of roof installation and maintenance services in the Chicagoland area. When you have Aloha Construction come to your home, they can provide a range of services for you. One of the main services that the company can provide you today is maintenance services. If you are going to make sure that you are roof lasts as long as possible, you will want to make...

Aloha Restoration Has Homeowners Covered In Lake County, Illinois

Aloha Restoration Co. is a family-owned general contracting firm that was started by the founder, president, and CEO of Aloha Construction, Inc., Dave Farbaky. They are based in Lake Zurich, Illinois, and can help homeowners recover from disasters or remodel their home across Lake County. The services they provide include water removal and restorations, the removal of dangerous molds, interior remodeling, and carpet cleaning. Dave Farbaky says that their goal is to make people feel safe and secure in their homes. All of their contractors receive continuous training and Aloha Restoration is licensed and certified as both a professional remodeler and as a company that can help in disaster recovery. As a disaster can happen at any time of the day or night, Aloha Restoration is open 24/7...

Dick Devos and the FAA

The Federal Aviation Administration has been announcing numerous policy updates this year, as well as some significant changes at different airports. This includes the new $40.9 million for the new tower at GSO. There are also new changes for several other airports, including security and technology regulations. All of these changes come after the FAA has been working with its Management Advisory Council to get advice on what’s best for future growth, policies, and regulations.   The Management Advisory Council was started in response to President Trump’s allegations that the FAA wasn’t doing enough to keep America competitive against foreign markets, particularly when it came to airport technology and security. The president’s challenge grew into a cause for the agency, which h

Vinod Gupta Makes Investing About More Than Business

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  Sometimes you need to invest in more than just the business side of a company. You need to look at what the company really contributes back to its community and how it can lift people up. Those are things entrepreneur and philanthropist Vinod Gupta looks at when he buys out companies through his family office firm, Everest Group. Gupta has been giving job opportunities to lower income and less educated people important as the founder of several of his own businesses, and he's also poured his money into different college grants and scholarship programs to US and international universities. But Gupta has never forgotten how it all started. Vinod Gupta grew up in India in a very poor area of the country, and though he and his family had very little to support themselves with, they

Shervin Pishevar Tweetstorm Keeps People Guessing

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In 2010, Iranian-born American citizen Shervin Pishevar was named by Choice to be an Outstanding American. Then, beginning in 2011, he began serving a two year term as a member of the 10-person UN Foundation’s Global Entrepreneurs Council. He was appointed by President Barack Obama. These are just two of the stellar accolades bestowed upon a man who carved his own path to become one of America’s most successful investors. Shervin Pishevar is what industry observers call a “super angel investor.” Shervin Pishevar backed such entities as Uber, Airbnb, Munchery, Warby Parker, Tumblr, Machine Zone and Uber Series B. He was also the co-founder of Hyperloop One and Sherpa Capital. That’s why when Shervin Pishevar recently engaged in a massive 21-hour Tweetstorm it produced considerab

Richard Liu Qiangdong: Contributions In The Growth Of The Chinese E-Commerce Industry

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  The dawn of the internet provided a considerable advantage to those who are in the retail industry. Today, the e-commerce industry is experiencing a boost, thanks to the innovation and development introduced by the pioneers of some of the largest e-commerce websites in the world today. Richard Liu Qiangdong, owner and the current CEO of JD.com, is the leading retailer in China today. He started his e-commerce business in 2004, and it is currently in a close competition with the Alibaba Group.   JD.com transformed the way Chinese people buy their needs, just like how Amazon is continuously changing the way American society shops. Through the success of the strategy that Richard Liu Qiangdong implemented in his company, his net worth grew, and he is among the wealthiest peopl

Shiraz Boghani Has Been Winning In Two Areas For Some Time Now:

A truly unique individual in the world of business, Shiraz Boghani is an entrepreneur that has had several careers and continues to excel in multiple industries of business. Shiraz Boghani has made a significant name for himself in the world of hotels and is the leader of the U.K. hotel chain Splendid Hospitality. Shiraz Boghani has won some big honors due to this role including the title of Hotelier of the Year in 2016. At the same time, Shiraz is one of the co-Chairman with his other company, Sussex Healthcare. He has also found a huge amount of success in this endeavour as well. Visit Shiraz Boghani at angel.co to know more. For any business, being able to celebrate the twenty-fifth anniversary is a big accomplishment and a testament to a successful business model. This sought after ...

Robert Ivy’s AIA and Why You Should Join

Robert Ivy has been the current CEO of the American Institute of Architects since 2011, but he did not start out that way. In 1996, Robert Ivy started as the Editor in Chief of Architectural Record. Soon after Robert Ivy took over as Editor in Chief, Architectural Record began receiving a multitude of awards, the most notable of which being the National Magazine Award for General Excellence, a premier magazine journalism award presented by the American Society of Magazine Editors. If all this success with his magazine was not enough, Robert Ivy was named "Master Architect" unanimously by the Alpha Rho Chi national architecture fraternity. There are many benefits of joining a professional society such as the AIA, but access to field-related educational resources, immense networking op...

Charlamagne Tha God’s Plea To Voters

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  In the days of dividedness and party blaming it is so very important to be heard. Many people complain about what's going on in politics. The problem is that they complain but then they don't vote. I get it. They think their single vote won't have any impact on the overall scheme of things. What they don't realize is that when thousands of people think the same way it can have a huge impact on the outcome of elections. In a recent article on the website https://www.hotnewhiphop.com/, Charlamagne Tha God discussed this exact concern. He expressed the energy that was put into the Kavanaugh case that included hashtags and protest. He said this energy was "cute", but he has concerns as to why people don't put the same energy into voting. He reminded everyone that the last day to regist