Aloha Construction Guards You from More Than Just Storms

The construction industry is experiencing another boom mainly inspired by the new administration. Property builders such as Aloha Construction are reporting increased activity and a gradual increase in jobs in the sector. The property market is historically known to give the vital financial signals indicating the health of the others sectors in the market. It drives the manufacturing sector as well as banking and credit services. Construction companies tend to focus on developments in a particular niche. Take Aloha Construction, for example, they are experts in roofing, siding and gutter maintenance. Specialization gives the company a distinct edge over other general contractors. Aloha Construction's prowess earns it lucrative roofing jobs even on properties developed by other contracto...

Luiz Carlos Trabuco: Bradesco’s New Chairman, and CEO Succession Race

Brazil, CEO, Chairman
Born on October 6, 1951, in Brazil, Luiz Carlos Trabuco is the current Bradesco Chairman having been appointed last month after Lazaro Brandao, the former chairman resigned. Brandao served as the bank's chairman for over 25 years, and his resignation makes Luiz one of the only two chairmen the bank has had in history. When it comes to promotion, Bradesco looks inside its talents pool instead of recruiting outside the bank workforces. Luiz Carlos Trabuco is a recognized and successful banking expert both in Brazil and across the globe. He has worked in Bradesco all his life and accumulated worthwhile banking and investment experience. Data compiled by Bloomberg ranks him as one of the world's oldest banking leaders. Forbes Magazine also rated him as one of the most successful CEOs in the...

An Interview with Dr. Mark McKenna

Dr. Mark McKenna was recently interviewed by Ideamensch where he gave information and advice about his background and how to achieve success in your career goals. Dr. McKenna is a Medical Doctor who has a wealth of business ventures as well as a license to practice medicine and surgery in both Georgia and Florida. Outside of his business ventures, he is also extremely passionate about philanthropy and serving his community. Dr. Mark McKenna is a native of New Orleans, Louisiana, where he worked with his father in their medical practice. During that time he also worked to launch his own company: McKenna Venture Investments. This company was a real estate development firm that was highly selective in what it chose to develop, giving it the label of a “boutique” firm. When Hurricane Katrin

The corporate presesnce of Desiree Perez

Business, Market
Of all the industries, the corporate sect of the entertainment industry is one of the most difficult for women to crack. Very few are able to handle the unique strain of industry, and even fewer able to conquer it as fiercely as Desiree Perez. Perez is known by all the music industry insiders as someone who can get the job done. Her demanding nature ensures that whatever client she represents is propelled to the next level. Some examples of her work are the success for Rihanna when she convinced Samsung to promote her Anti tour. The company contributed millions of dollars, not only ensuring the success of the concert but elevating Rihanna’s status as an entertainer. Perez is Also Jay-Z’s secret weapon, whenever he undergoes serious negotiations he makes sure to have her fighting for him.

Cancer Treatment Center of America Fighting Prostate Cancer

Cancer, Medical
Prostate cancer affects many men in their lifetime. Different organizations have therefore joined hands to increase awareness about the scorching disease. The Cancer Treatment of America, the LabCorp, and the National Football League Alumni Association recently partnered to increase Prostate cancer awareness. The partnership is also determined to increase the access points for cancer screening. Apart from working together for the fight against Prostate cancer, the organizations also work individually. The LabCorp, for instance, offered free Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA) screen to men with over 40 years. Only 2,000 men qualified for the free test. After the free test, LabCorp continued carrying out the screening at a discount of 25%. Many men benefited from the screening. Members of...

Contribution of Securus Technologies in the Safety of the Community

Inmate Phone Calls
Securus Technologies is a premier group that offers remarkable civil and criminal justice solutions. The solutions offered are investigations, protection, correction, and monitoring. The answers are crucial in solving and preventing crime among the inmates. At Securus Technologies, a new service or product is introduced on a weekly basis that helps to prevent crime. That provides solutions that shield the society, inmates, their families, and tracking parolees against harm. Their primary objective is to improve safety within the community.   The exclusive services that have been appreciated by customers and several security institutions include:   Phone search services in the organization to eject corrupt staffs.   Monitoring calls from inmates to ascer...

The Results of New Cancer Research

Cancer, Research
In a recent Surveillance, Epidemiology, and End Results program research conducted on 740, 990 persons, it was concluded that about 25 persons of older adults and 11 percent of younger adults diagnosed with cancer had a history of cancer. In other words, as the number of cancer survivors keeps growing, understanding the nature of prior cancer is important when it comes to improving the clinical trial accrual and patient experience. The goal of this study was to analyze the prevalence of prior cancer among persons who have previously been diagnosed with cancer as the population of cancer survivors keeps growing across the United States. The people who were analyzed in the research are individuals who have been diagnosed with cancer between January 2009 and December 2013. Prevalence of...

Elysium Health – Support Your Cellular Health

Health and Wellness
Elysium Health is a company that strives to help others live a healthier, longer life by providing consumers with products backed by science. The company uses advancements in science and technology by offering health products that work, collaborating directly with some of the world's leading clinicians and scientists to achieve effective treatments. There are many important steps that are taken in order to provide such an advanced form of the healthcare product. They continually analyze information that is used in their products to help improve health and development. A variety of models are used to ensure that each product is validated and guided properly into a product that can be presented to the public. They also conduct an extensive safety study that is directed towards new dietary...

Satisfying and Sustainable: Waiakea Water

Bottled Water
Waiakea has reached another milestone with the launch of a fully degradable bottle. This innovation is laudable at best since beverage bottles are a major cause of environmental pollution. The goal of this initiative is to offer Waiakea beverage in recyclable, 100 percent degradable plastic bottle. Waste management is a significant challenge around the world, therefore, having degradable containers is a welcome relief. Ordinary bottles will last for more than 1000 years before they naturally degrade. By contrast, Waiakea degradable bottles are expected to last for about 15 years. This is yet another big leap forward for mother nature. The technology involves the use of TimePlast’s nano-additive material on bottles. The innovative technology gives Waiakea a significant boost as a pioneer

Louis Chenevert Understands People and Technology

Business Leader, Career History, CEO
As the former head of UTC, Louis Chenevert made an international impact. His old company, UTC, is a multinational conglomerated that develops, researches, and manufactures products that are high-tech. Chenevert came up through the ranks at General Motors, where he worked for 14 years. He also served his time at Pratt & Whitney where he was president. Every company he worked for gave him skills and knowledge that prepared him for the next level. One of his best-known projects is on the Airbus established by Pratt & Whitney. By developing materials to help engines burn hotter, it helped them to become more powerful. The technology he helped develop for the company still drives its bottom line today. As a leader in any organization he worked at, Chenevert understood that people,...