Hussain Sajwani and the Future of Dubai

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Today, Hussain Sajwani is regarded as one of the most formidable entrepreneurs in the world. As the Chairman of DAMAC Properties, which he founded in 2002, Mr. Sajwani has been instrumental in its exponential growth, and it now exists as one of the biggest property development corporations in the entire Middle Eastern region. He graduated from The University of Washington, majoring in Economics and Industrial Engineering, and after spending two years working for a company in Abu Dhabi, created his own venture in the catering sector, which now exists as Global Logistics Services and delivers over 150,000 meals per day throughout the Middle East, Africa, and the Commonwealth of Independent States. Currently, his investment portfolio consists of securities in local and global markets, and the...

DAMAC Properties Owner and CEO is Hussain Sajwani

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DAMAC Properties is a premier, luxury developer in Dubai. It has released its 2017 activity, and reports that over 2300 additional units were developed by the company for that year. This number brings the companys' total amount of units to over 20,000, since its inception. DAMAC Properties was founded by its CEO and owner, Hussain Sajwani, in 2002.   In 2017, the company realized a 4% gain in sales over the prior year's sales. Gross profits came in at 9% lower than 2016, due in part to several ongoing development projects that were underway in 2017. Booked sales yet to be realized as of year end 2017, are higher than the previous year. The value of booked sales as of year end 2017 are higher as compared to 2016, and are projected to be at AED 7.5 billion versus AED 7 billion, re...

Jed McCaleb Makes the Unbanked Bankable

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Jed McCaleb cofounded Stellar to help increase economic participation for everyone. Stellar is an open source financial network that connects institutions around the world. Co-founded in 2014 by Joyce White and Jed McCaleb, Stellar hopes to bring the maintenance cost down for providing financial products to low-income customers. Jeb McCaleb also thinks his network can decrease the costs and increase the efficiency of money transfers by connecting the various institutions.   Stellar is attracting the interest of developing countries as they are home to the most of the unbanked population resides, currently there are about 2.5 billion people in this group according to the statistics of the World Bank. By lowering the costs associated with low-income accounts through a distributed ...

How Joel Friant was inspired to create the Original Habanero Shaker

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It was in Jamaica that Joel Friant first discovered the Scotch Bonnet, a variety of habanero pepper. Eventually, he would take this pepper and create the Original Habanero Shaker, but before doing that, Joel owned a restaurant.   Joel’s restaurant was the first of its kind. His idea for a Thai fast food restaurant was implemented in 1995. The restaurant served a variety of spicy dishes, and Joel soon discovered that his passion for spicy things was shared by many people.   Joel had tried other habanero shakers before, but they used additives and filled the bottle with cheaper seasonings like salt. He decided to create his own habanero shaker that didn’t use fillers but instead contained 100 percent habanero peppers. Joel took his Scotch Bonnets, dried them using the s

Trading Forex Through AvaTrade

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Forex Trading has become the new preferred trading medium for a lot of people because of the prospects that it provides them with. Unlike traditional stock trading, forex trading allows a user to be able to partake in stock trades that aren’t necessarily only pertaining to their country. It opens up new avenues that otherwise aren’t as easily doable with traditional stock trading. Online Forex Trading One of the most preferred ways to be able to carry out Forex Trades is through an online trading site or software. It beats the method of having to find a stock broker who can help you conduct your trades through the traditional route, which can also take much longer than one would expect. Online trading provides you the ease of conducting your trades whenever you like and at your conve

Oxford Club Investment Tips

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If you are looking to prepare for your financial future, investing your savings is something that you would likely have to do. Those who do not try to invest their money will likely see it decline in value over time due to inflation. One of the best things that you can do when you were looking to invest in the stock market or other investment strategies is to follow advice that is provided by professionals.   When you were looking for a new option for financial advice, the Oxford Club is a great place to get it. This organization has been in business for more than 20 years and has a membership that is in excess of 100,000 people located in 80 countries across the globe. When you are a member of this organization, you will get access to the enormous network of individuals as well...

Updating Your Home and Kitchen Space With Siteline Cabinetry

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You've just purchased your first home and now you want to make it your own. What is the first thing that most homeowners begin working on first? Would you be surprised to learn that it generally is the kitchen or the bath? If your not surprised and these are the areas that you want to work on first, you must learn about the different options you have for creating the kitchen or bathroom of your dreams. First off, if you want your home to be just that, your home, you want to create a kitchen space that has everything in it that you want or need. First off, lets discuss your options for cabinets. Do you want custom cabinets or are you interested in prefabricated cabinets? Do you know what the difference is? Do you know what the difference in price is? If not, here is a little bit of infor...

The Replacement For Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi At Bradesco Confirmed

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The elevation of Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi as the Chairman of Bradesco Bank was one of the biggest stories of Brazilian banking sector in late 2017. It was already confirmed by then that the management and Cappi should find a new CEO, in place of him, by 2018 March. Since the elevation, he was holding both the roles until the new CEO is selected, but the management should have found a replacement by March 2018. The banking firm was in an extensive search to find a fitting candidate for the leadership role of the banking firm. Now, it is confirmed that Octavio de Lazari Junior would replace Cappi as the CEO. Bradesco made the announcement on February 5, 2018, and the new CEO will take charge on March 12. Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi will continue the role as CEO until the Ordinary General M...

Chris Burch’s Big Vacation Home Investment Becomes Tops In The World

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A dream vacation place right next to calm ocean waters with villa hotels nestled in the palm trees and lighted pathways at night is exactly what you'll find at Nihiwatu Resort, a place that billionaire entrepreneur Chris Burch bought a few years ago. Burch had founded and invested in hundreds of companies prior to this, and he had already owned or sold US-based residential properties. But Nihiwatu Resort was an investment he could not pass up because of the potential he saw for that remote Indonesian resort to attract first class visitors, and a place for him also to build a home. Burch's home there not only is luxuriously designed in both the interior and exterior, but it also has an outdoor pool that gives you a beautiful overlook of the ocean and can make you feel as if you're swimming ...

Jeff Yastine Predicts Strategic Mergers Could Threaten Amazon

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Amazon intimidates many investors and professional stock analysts. Just the rumor that the online retail behemoth is considering entering a new market is enough to drive down the stock prices of the leaders of that sector. Amazon has gone from success to success for over twenty years now. They keep expanding their business, finding new ways to dominate the retail space both online and in bricks and mortar reality. They often make very little if any profit, but the stock market continues to support whatever Jeff Bezos decides. He is often too busy using the company's spare cash to acquire new businesses and to expand to show a bottom line profit. However, the editor of Banyan Hill's investing newsletter Total Wealth Inside, Jeff Yastine, does not let Amazon's success intimidate him or cl...